7 Home decor gadgets that combine form and function

We may be living in the future with smart home technology, but our homes certainly don't look like the Jetsons'. Lucky for us, the latest advances in this field are finally starting to incorporate brilliant design to complement their impressive functionality.

7 Home decor gadgets that combine form and function
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With all the latest smart home technology, our homes are becoming more and more futuristic. As kids, we never could have dreamed of all this integration and voice control. If you’re yet to hop on the bandwagon, smart home devices can truly change your life for the better.

I know what you’re thinking – more technology equates to more stainless steel, unsightly cables, and annoying blinking lights. I’m here to tell you: you’re wrong. These home decor gadgets don’t just upgrade the way you live. They also fit beautifully into your space.

Bluenero Smart Home Aquarium

This device automatically feeds your fish, eliminating the need to refill it often. In fact, you don’t have to refill it for up to a week. In addition, the full spectrum CREE LED stripe provides the ideal conditions for your fish and boosts plant and coral growth. The built-in lighting provides a stunning ambience to your home no matter what room it’s in.

Beosound Edge Wireless Multiroom Speaker

Featuring a user-friendly design, this speaker combines audio clarity and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the Beosound Edge allows you to control the sound level by rolling the speaker back and forth. You can even adjust the volume in this way when it is placed on a wall mount. As a result, you interact with the speaker in more ways than one.

iHome Zenergy Meditative Therapy Candle

Offering a flameless candle effect, this light adds a warm charm to your space, making it more peaceful and inviting. The Zenergy Candle also produces meditative lighting and sleep therapy effects to help you become calm.

Meditative Therapy Candle

Meditative Therapy Candle

Soundwall – Smart Wall Speaker + Canvas Art

This is an amazing combination of a smart speaker and art. Hanging on your wall, it looks like a simple canvas. But, you can choose your favorite art or use creative surfaces such as chalkboard and display it on your walls.

Smart Wall Speaker + Canvas Art

Smart Wall Speaker + Canvas Art

NATEDE Smart Natural Air Purifier

This purifier takes air purification process to whole new levels with advanced sensors and a photocatalytic filter. Additionally, the filter need not be replaced. This makes the entire design budget-friendly. And, thanks to the beautiful Italian design and smart functionality, the air purifier eliminates air toxins while looking its best.

Smart Natural Air Purifier

Smart Natural Air Purifier

Sobro Smart Side Table

Designed to simplify and improve your life, this side table comes with an array of smart features. It features a built-in cooler drawer so you can quickly grab a cold drink without having to go to the fridge. Likewise, it has a locking storage drawer to keep your valuables close by. The table also has a built-in wireless charger along with four USB ports and two outlets to charge all your devices. This all comes with an impressively modern design to suit any space.

Magnaframe Frame Building System

Featuring a patent-pending frame building system, Magnaframe allows you to create your personal gallery wherever you like. Featuring black and white options, Magnaframe packs include Polaroid Originals, 4×4 Classic Square, and Fuji Instax Mini. All packs come with six picture frames for the respective print version. Curate your photo gallery your way.

Frame Building System

Frame Building System

Which one is your favorite from the list? Share with us in the comments below.

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