Best home decor gadgets for design lovers

If you’re a design lover, you know that the best way to make your house a home is to enhance it with the perfect decor. But it’s hard to decorate without cool gadgets. We've collected the best and coolest home decor products to make your house a home. Some of these gadgets are practical. Some are whimsical. All are perfect for making your space feel like it’s your space.

Best home decor gadgets for design lovers
Respira smart air-purifying garden – Design-friendly home gadget

If you’re into interior design, you know the drill. You find a piece you absolutely love, but it’s not in your budget. What you need, then, is to find a way to make it work. This is what separates the true designers from the wannabes.

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So we have put together a list of the best gadgets for design lovers. You’ll find budget-friendly alternatives to some of the most expensive home decor items out there.

Respira Smart Air-Purifying Garden

Bring nature indoors—and have it purify your air— with the Respira Smart Air-Purifying Garden. This smart garden traps dust and large particulate matter with a reusable pre-filter and then circulates it the air through the plants’ roots to remove volatile compounds. It’s a gadget that makes your home both brighter and healthier.

Bower Studios Melt Glass Mirror I

Make your space unique with a mirror that’s definitely outside the box. The Bower Studios Melt Glass Mirror I is one such mirror. Its thick glass hangs on a wooden dial mounted to the wall, adding a beautiful reflective surface. It’s part of a collection that explores the concepts of reality vs. perception through material and form.

Bower Studios Melt Glass Mirror
Bower Studios Melt Glass Mirror I on an exterior wall

Umbra Glo LED Picture Frame

Add a glow to your photos with the Umbra Glo LED Picture Frame. It merges a photo frame with an LED strip to make this typical household item more eye-catching and functional. Glo consists of two glass panes that sit in a base and can be positioned in either portrait or landscape. This unique picture frame creates a glow that’s sure to add warmth to your desk, shelf, buffet, or anywhere you place it.

Nanoleaf Shapes Modular Smart Wall Decor

Art meets the tech age with the Nanoleaf Shapes Modular Smart Wall Decor. It gives you truly limitless customization of your wall lighting and decor. You can combine different shapes to design a stunning light mosaic and connect them to your music to create dancing light symphonies. It’s a pretty cool item on our list of the best home decor gadgets.

Wrensilva Loft Wood Record Console

The Wrensilva Loft Wood Record Console makes a lovely home for your beloved vinyl collection. It boasts an updated retro design in a North American walnut finish and an ebonized oak grille, making it a stunning piece for any room. And, with three listening modes and storage for records, it gives you a truly elegant and gratifying music experience.

Lumio Teno Bowl-Shaped Speaker

You’ve never seen a gadget like the Lumio Teno Bowl-Shaped Speaker. It cracks open to reveal a warm light and a powerful speaker that you can control through touch. Equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip and a 10W class-D amplifier, it delivers powerful sound yet keeps distortions to a minimum. Tactile and durable, the textured natural sand on the speaker’s exterior feels like you’re holding a bit of nature.

Lumio Teno bowl-shaped speaker in a video

Samsung The Serif 2021 QLED Smart TV

The Samsung The Serif 2021 QLED Smart TV adds a new level of sophistication to your space. Its unique stand makes this TV look like an easel that pairs perfectly with its gorgeous frame. With Tap View technology, it can mirror your phone’s content right onto the screen with one tap. And Multi View mode lets you watch multiple types of content simultaneously. Finally, with a 360-degree all-around design, it gives you a great view from any angle.

Meural WiFi Photo Frame Digital Picture Display

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame Digital Picture Display made our list of the best home decor gadgets for design lovers because it brings your favorite memories to life. Just link the albums on your phone to the frame, and they’ll upload automatically. This way, you can actually enjoy your treasured moments instead of keeping them hidden on your devices.

Meural WiFi Photo Frame digital picture display in a video

LEGO ART Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199 Wall Art

The LEGO ART Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199 Wall Art lets you display your passion at home. Each of these unique LEGO sets gives you three different portrait options along with a hanger element so you can display your favorite Marvel character on the wall. Or you can combine the three sets into the Ultimate Iron Man Portrait. No matter which setup you choose, you can add sound. Just download the specially curated soundtrack so you can listen as you construct.

RUARK Audio MRx Wireless Multi-Room Speaker

Add a beautiful design element to your home with the RUARK Audio MRx Wireless Multi-Room Speaker. As a standalone piece, it’s a great speaker for your living room, office, or kitchen. When you link it with other MRx, R2 Mk3, or R7 Mk3 models from Ruark, you can enjoy synchronized sound. It also has a range of wireless streaming options, and the aptX technology brings you CD-quality audio from any compatible device.

We hope you love the home decor gadgets on this list. We’re quite partial to the Samsung The Serif 2021 QLED TV. Who can resist a TV that looks like an easel? Let us know what your favorite home design gadgets are in the comments.

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