Here Active Listening: Enhance Your Environment Through Curated Audio

Here Active Listening: Enhance Your Environment Through Curated Audio

Listening is an essential part of life. In addition to music, you use your ears to know when to get off the subway, interact with people at the office and hear audio cues at the coffee shop.

What if you could optimize your daily routine by curating sound before it enters your sensitive ears?

Here Active Listening device and app

Here Active Listening

Created by Doppler Labs, Here Active Listening is a pair of ear buds that filter audio for a complete listening experience. It can cancel noise when your surroundings get too hard and loud, preserving your hearing. When you’re at a concert, various EQ settings enables users to tweak the music based on their preferences or location. For parents, easing the high pitch of their baby’s loud cry could lower stress levels during the night.

The audio gadget doesn’t actually let you listen to music like traditional headphones. Using Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, the tool provides advanced audio features for live environments. The core settings include the following options: volume knob, equalizer and effects. By changing these components, your ears will be able to adjust to situations smoothly.

Presets For the Daily Grind

The Here Active Listening app is your key to controlling the gadget. A list of “audio profiles” is easily accessible for instant adaptation to your surroundings. There is no need to spend hours on tinkering with all the knobs and options (though you can if you want to). All of the configurations come with the device, allowing you to use it effortlessly out of the box.

Here Active Listening charging pod

Battery and Connectivity

Battery for the edgy ear buds lasts for six hours. There is a charging case available that charges the device two times. This is ideal for users who do not have access to immediate power sources during the day. Lastly, the Here Active Listening tool connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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