The AI sports camera that will change the way sports are livestreamed

Introducing Veo—a smart camera that follows live sports games to record a panoramic view of action, so it's like you've got a front-row seat. It automatically follows any movement on the field without you having to adjust the angle. Explore more about this sports gadget must-have in today's blog.

The AI sports camera that will change the way sports are livestreamed
Veo AI sports camera in green

If you love watching ball sports live, you need Veo. It’s an alternative to missing critical parts of a sports game or squinting to try to catch every action. Built with AI and dual camera technology, it records a panoramic view of action on a pitch, so you can capture every moment to playback at a later date.

Using AI technology, Veo finds the ball on indoor and outdoor pitches. This technology also detects goals, kick-offs, and half-time spots. You can even use it in the rain, snow, and at night. Let’s take a look at how Veo works and what makes it so special.

Veo sports camera filming a soccer game

Two 4K lenses and 180° FOV

The concept of Veo is great for spectaculars: never miss your child’s first goal and avoid maneuvering around heads in front of you. What’s even better about this AI sports camera is its quality and technology. Veo boasts a 180° camera for an expansive view of the entire field. Additionally, it comes with two 4K lenses for footage that’s clear and concise, without any blurs. And it records the action at 30 frames per second to avoid any jumpy footage, which is important for high-action sports.

The AI sports camera that will change the way sports is livestreamed
Veo sports camera on a desk

Four-hour battery life, 2 lb weight, and weather-resistant design

This AI sports camera comes equipped with enough storage for several games and a four-hour battery life. So it won’t seize working in the middle of an important game. Moreover, Veo only weighs 2 lb, making it highly portable for transporting from home to an away game. It’s also petite, so it won’t impact other watchers’ views. You can also purchase various tripods to sturdily hold the camera in place.

Because most sports can be played in any weather condition, Veo is weather resistant to accommodate your indoor and outdoor games. Use it in bright sunlight, the rain, snow, and at night. With a slight tilt of the head, you can use it across all seasons.

Finally, the brand has made it easy to use this AI sports camera. When you arrive at the field, mount it or use a tripod as close as possible to the center of the pitch, around half the height away from the sideline. Then check the visibility via the livestream on your smartphone app. Hit record and it’ll begin capturing the game. The entire setup process takes under two minutes.

The AI sports camera that will change the way sports is livestreamed
Veo sports camera on a gray background

Order your Veo from the official website for £1,099 (around $1,506). You might also want to invest in Veo Platform—a monthly subscription service for up to unlimited access to storage, teams, sports, school members, and more.

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