How the new Apple Watch points to the future of wearable tech

The launch of any new Apple product is always accompanied by hysterical excitement. But peel away the hype, and you realize that the new Apple Watch genuinely offers a glimpse of the future.

How the new Apple Watch points to the future of wearable tech
  • What’s new on the Apple Watch Series 4? A bigger screen, a heart rate monitor, better battery life, and more
  • Is the Apple Watch the best fitness wearable? That’s debatable, but you could make a strong case in favor of the new device.
  • What is the best wearable tech right now? Check out our wearable collection!

In the early days, the hype surrounding Apple events was largely merited. The iPhone, for instance, was truly revolutionary.

But over time, the excitement has become a rehearsed ritual. While Apple fans loyally cheer every new arrival, the rest of us see nothing more than a new smartphone. A good product? Yes. A revolutionary concept? Probably not.

It would be easy to place the new Apple Watch in this category. But on closer inspection, Apple’s latest timepiece may offer a glimpse of future wearable tech.

What’s new with the Apple Watch Series 4?

Apple Watch 03

The new Apple Watch

Quite a lot, now you ask.

You won’t necessarily notice a physical difference. The screen is 30% larger than the previous iteration, but the device is no bigger or smaller.

Apple Watch 07

A bigger display

The greatest changes relate to function rather than form. Apple has added new sensors and haptic feedback, while also improving the battery life of this stylish wearable.

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Apple Watch 02

New features

Although these are worthwhile upgrades, you may be wondering where the revolution is. How does the new Apple Watch fit into the whole “future of wearable tech” thing?

To answer that question, let’s take a closer look at those new features.

Fitness technology

Apple Watch 04

New fitness focus

Fitness has always been an important area for wearable tech. The new Apple Watch shows us how amateur (and professional) athletes of the future will train.

Apple Watch 05

Altimeter for more accurate data

The Series 4 offers automatic workout detection, meaning you can’t forget to start and stop your session. In addition, the device can now recognize 12 more activities. As a result, your yoga class and mountain hikes are both counted.

Furthermore, you can now compete against your training partner and see in-depth running stats.

Apple Watch 08

Many new activities

Such features are likely to become the norm for wearable devices in the near future. Some wearable devices can already act as your personal trainer and help you to avoid injuries.

Health wearables

Apple Watch 06

Health data

While fitness will play a part in our wearable future, it’s probable that general health will be the center of attention. The new Apple Watch is already slanted in that direction.

For instance, the Series 4 has advanced heart rate sensors that monitor your heart throughout the day. This allows the device to detect underlying medical conditions and track your sleep patterns.

Apple Watch 09

Fall detection

In addition, the watch knows when you take a tumble. Thanks to some very clever algorithms, the device can sense the signature change in motion and the impact as your body meets the ground.

These features are undoubtedly impressive — but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Scientists are already using data from wearable devices for medical research. Before long, your smartwatch will be able to send live data to your doctor.

What’s more, there are more sensors on the way. Biovotion, a Swiss startup, is working on ways to measure your blood oxygen level and skin temperature.

With every new data point, wearable devices will become more and more useful for medical professionals meaning they’ll be more beneficial for the wearer.

Future trends

Of all the products launched at Cupertino this month, the new Apple Watch is probably the most exciting. The Series 4 itself may not be revolutionary — but the device shows us what the revolution will look like.

What do you think about the new Apple Watch? Tell us in the comments!

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