Audi active coach: How to achieve stress-free driving

Transform your commute and improve your mood with data-driven insights and practical advice from the Audi active coach. It prioritizes your well-being throughout your journey.

Audi active coach: How to achieve stress-free driving
The Audi active coach helps you relax while driving

If your heart races when you approach busy intersections or drive side-by-side with large trucks, you’re not alone. Recent studies show that certain situational factors can increase stress levels. Add to that the everyday work stress, and you’ll get a clearer picture of why US car accidents and mental health conditions continue to rise. For this reason, Audi Business Innovation GmbH has developed a digital service, the Audi active coach for drivers. It aims to enhance your well-being while you’re on the go. Keep reading to discover how it can help you relax and achieve greater comfort.

Audio active coach
An Audi with an active coach

Record your rides

Identifying stress triggers is the first step in managing emotions. By figuring out whether it was that reckless driver or the unexpected road closure that stressed you out, you can start working on your feelings in a healthy and helpful way. Let the Audi active coach keep tabs on your well-being.

All you have to do is connect your Apple Watch to record your heart rate and tag stress-inducing events while driving, whether it’s a traffic jam, a busy intersection, or beyond. The digital service will help you identify what caused your heart rate and stress levels to rise. But there’s more to it. You can combine the findings with exercises, audio content, and other tailored experiences to regain control.

Audi active coach assistance on the road

Practice mindfulness on the road and more

Practicing mindfulness to reduce anxiety offers similar results to anxiety drugs, new research reveals. But with a challenging work-life balance, there’s often little room for self-care. Make your breaks more productive via hands-on guided mindfulness or relaxation exercises. What’s more? Benefit from the curated audio content to catch up with the latest science and health tips.

Enhance your mood while driving

When feeling blue, it’s easy to let emotions distract you, which may lead to mistakes you’d never make. Imagine picking a mood and getting it, without the hassle. Take advantage of the mood check-in feature to specify an active, happy, or relaxed mental state. The Audi active coach will provide ambient lighting and climate control to suit your desired mood and selected well-being exercises. Find your vibe, and let the road be your happy place!

Audi active coach demo

How to get started?

The Audi active coach is now available in all Audi vehicles from model year 2020 equipped, with the new infotainment unit. Are you ready for comfort and stress-free travels?

To get started, you should:

  1. Download the Audi stage app from the App Store.
  2. Log in and connect your Apple Watch.
  3. Check in your mood.
  4. Drive like you normally do.

The Audi active coach will deliver long-term insights into your driving patterns, helping you achieve your well-being goals step by step.

Audi active coach mobile app assistance

Managing stress while driving is crucial for both your safety and mental health. The Audi active coach by Audi Business Innovation GmbH offers a comprehensive solution to help you stay calm and focused on the road.

By recording your rides, identifying stress triggers, and providing personalized mindfulness exercises and mood-enhancing features, the Audi active coach helps you relax and enjoy your journey. Take advantage of this innovative technology to achieve greater comfort and well-being on the go. Your path to stress-free travels and improved mental health starts with the Audi active coach.

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