Boom Boom – A Name That Pioneers the Art of Smart Audio Recording

Boom Boom – A Name That Pioneers the Art of Smart Audio Recording

The increasing demand for portability in your everyday accessories, be it tech or non-tech, has been one of the primary factors behind the evolution of speakers. As time moves by, it seems that the words “bulky” and “too spacious” are slowly being taken off from the world of gadgets and accessories, headphones and speakers being one of the major industries doing so. Today’s speakers are smarter and can find its place comfortably on the shelf or even inside your luggage incase you’re travelling. But the strangest factor is that this evolution of speakers is not confined within Beats alone. Independent designers are now stepping into the limelight too with innovative creations like the Vifa Wireless Loudspeakers or the Om/One levitating speakers. These are designs which have been specially made to complement with your everyday lifestyle such that you don’t have to struggle with your speaker whenever you’re on the go or trying to catch up some of the latest tracks. But if you look at all of them closely, there’s still something missing!

You see, sound isn’t just about music tracks and albums. The screeching of the owl on a lonely night or the waves hitting against the rocks at the beach also falls under the same category which are often overlooked by standard audio speakers that are loaded with little or no recording capacities. The innumerable sounds created by nature or the recording your guitarist friend wants to send over needs to be as crystal clear as a music track you hear on your portable speaker everyday. But have you found any such option that enables audio recording in a portable speaker yet? My answers would have been otherwise if I hadn’t come across Boom Boom the other day. Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur, this speaker and recorder is nothing short of a revolution in the gorgeous world of portable speakers that seem to be evolving every second.

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Audio Recording Merged Beautifully With A Speaker

Coming as a team started by four passionate music lovers, Binauric’s mission has always been to change the way people listen to the world through products which can be accommodated in your daily lifestyle like a breeze. Boom Boom is one such creation that has been stuffed with amazing recording capabilities apart from being a stunning portable speaker. Using the corresponding smartphone app (both Android and iOS), you can empower your audio experience by capturing whatever sound you want to in 3D. So, hearing the waves exactly like you do on the beach would now be possible from anywhere on earth provided you’ve done your prior audio recording with Boom Boom. As Markku Palipea, co-founder of Binauric says on Wired, “We don’t want it to be something you just buy then toss aside.”

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Enhance the Clarity of Your Voice Calls

Apart from the art of recording, Boom Boom is also a great form factor that can enhance the clarity of voice calls like never before. Once plugged into your phone using apps such as Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts, the speaker uses an array of microphones to capture the voice and make it sound crisp and clear to make your conversations even more engaging. The fact that this speaker talks just like a person whose voice and language can be directly chosen from the app, only makes the whole procedure seem more friendly and human-like.

Boom Boom Speaker from Binauric

It takes you through the smartphone pairing process beautifully and doesn’t make it sound too complicated for amateurs. Wait till your kid brings down the roof with Boom Boom, trying to play all his/her favorite music tracks at once! It’s that easy!

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Another interesting feature is that Boom Boom updates itself without the requirement of additional hardware. The app will allow the addition of updated functionalities to your piece of Boom Boom and not make the process too cumbersome for users. This is probably why the company prefers to call it more like a cherished companion than a gadget. Even looking at the form factor would make you feel precious because of the ethnic simplicity in design that’s easy to carry as well as charming to look at.

Boom Boom speaker

On his interview, designer Mathieu Lehanneur said, “Boom Boom is sound transformed in an object.” Available in a pleasant variety of colors, Boom Boom can be directly ordered at a price of €199.00. You carry it wherever you wish to go in hunt of nature’s audio bounty and never leave your music tracks behind. Surely a speaker I would love to update my current one with. Happy Gadgeting!


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