Chill Puck Saves You From the Trauma of Warm Beers With Its Amazing Frozen Coaster ICE PACK

Chill Puck Saves You From the Trauma of Warm Beers With Its Amazing Frozen Coaster ICE PACK

Imagine you go on a camping trip with your best buddies on this hot spot in town which is renowned for its natural beauty and calmness. You set up your hammock on a cosy area in that location and have also made full arrangements to rest in the sun with your favorite beer cans as refreshments. The atmosphere is very calm and perfect for a friend’s day out, especially after those long weeks you spend strenuously at work. But what if during such a special moment you suddenly realize your can of beer has gone warm? An absolute disaster you never want to experience with your chilled drinks which are naturally meant to be consumed in a chilled mode and not as if you’re having a cup of cappuccino.

That is definitely a party turn off which can be faced by anyone, not necessarily those out on camping alone. Warm beers can ruin you and your friend’s mood to an infinite level which is definitely an experience no one wants to face. What’s the solution then? Yes, you can carry these modern coolers to your party or camping site in order to have your drinks chilled but that’s not a solution you can afford to take anywhere and everywhere. You need something more portable and compact which will not pose as an additional baggage while travelling. What you probably need is a Chill Puck!

Chill Puck on display

Keep Your Cool With Chilled Drinks Under the Hot Sun

Just like the name sounds, Chill Puck is a superb coaster you can have for your drink cans and never let it go warm in the sun. It’s a smarter way of keeping your drinks chilled without having them inside a cooler. The molds have been designed to match the bottom of all standard cans which maximizes the amount of surface area connecting the freezing cold ice pack and the can. This in turn will help in chilling your beverage while you’re drinking it so that you get to experience the maximum pleasure of chilled drinks without worrying too much about how to retain that temperature. Using a Chill Puck is super easy. First you need to chill it in the freezer at zero degrees, then press and twist it around the bottom of your beverage can and that’s it. You get to retain the chilled temperature of your beverage from the palm of your hand.

Chill Puck

Take it Anywhere and Everywhere

The best thing about the Chill Puck is that you can take it anywhere by attaching it with the Chill Band. You can easily wear the bands on your wrist and be ready to chill your drinks whenever necessary. The bands can be customized to your favorite color or brand logo if required. You can also consider it as a great way to promote your non-profit organizations or charities. No matter what logo or message or color you choose from your Chill Band, it always looks cool as a wrist band aka beverage cooler.

Chill Puck keeps drinks chilled

As compared to other cooling devices, Chill Pucks are extremely affordable. The starting pack of 3 pucks will cost you $5.99, 6 pack will cost $9.99, 12 pack will cost $17.99 and finally the 30 piece party-pack will cost you $24.99. You can get as many as you want, customize them according to your preference and get set to chill your drinks in the best way possible.

Chill Puck 12 pack

No extra baggage required, with a Chill Puck in hand you can take the pleasure of chilled beers even when you’re bicycling. Definitely a party-must have when you’re at the beach or watching your favorite baseball team play at the ground with friends and family. Happy Gadgeting!

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