The ultimate consumer tech gadgets guide of 2021—smart home, IoT, robots, and more

Looking for some strategies to take pressure off of your everyday duties? Or perhaps you want to feel more comfortable and safer indoors with a gadget that can dim lights, automatically lock doors, and create a digital zen without you having to touch a button. Check out today's daily digest to discover the best consumer tech gadgets that tick those boxes.

The ultimate consumer tech gadgets guide of 2021—smart home, IoT, robots, and more
Best consumer tech gadgets of 2021

If you want to make your home smarter, we have several gadgets that can help. This list of 15 gadgets can raise your home’s IQ while adding more convenience to your life. Because not all of us enjoy gardening and vacuuming, and we don’t all feel safe indoors when home alone. So, in this article, we’re sharing a spectrum of consumer tech gadgets that you can use every day that host a mountain of benefits.

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After a long day at work, sometimes getting up to switch off the lights or remembering to lock the front door seems like more of a chore. That’s why we included a smart home control button to queue songs, dim lights, and more while you chill with a beer. Or invest in Smonet—a Wi-Fi door system—that enables you to lock and unlock your front door key-free. Continue reading to explore a diverse list of consumer tech gadgets for easier living.

D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

With the D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera, you’ll feel safer in your home or when you leave your property unattended. It features IR night vision up to 16 feet, so you can see what’s happening in dark conditions. One of the best features of this consumer tech gadget is AI-based person detection that intelligently identifies human motion to prevent unwanted notifications. Together, the enhanced motion and sound detection adds another element of defense to your home surveillance.

The price and release date have yet to be announced for this gadget.

2. The MOFLIN AI robot pet is one of the consumer tech gadgets that uses AI technology to express its emotions, it’s a furry friend that you’ll love and will love you back without any responsibility.

The MOFLIN AI robot pet isn’t just another toy. It has its own personality that develops based on its environment and how you care for it. Additionally, this AI robot has its own set of emotions, and it’ll even move and make cute sounds like a real animal. That way you can cuddle it and treat it as it becomes a part of the family. Most importantly, MOFLIN has a built-in microphone that senses your tone and can respond accordingly.

Follow along to see when you can preorder yours.

3. Queue songs, switch on and off lights, and do more hands-free with the Josh Micro smart home control button. It even has a touch-sensitive surface for custom event triggers to set the perfect mood in your home.

Make life a little easier with the Josh Micro smart home control button. This small-but-mighty AI gadget can power even large homes. Designed with voice control and intelligence built in, it lets you use voice command to make your home more comfortable. With a simple command of “lights on,” you can customize your home to your liking without lifting a finger. Overall, with an easy-to-install wall mount design or option to place this button next to your bedside table, it’s great for any living setup.

There’s no release date or price confirmed for this smart home control button just yet.

4. Make gardening easier with the Yardroid intelligent landscaping robot. It mows grass, waters plants, kills weeds, and does more to keep your lawn in its best condition and allow you more leisure time.

Not everyone enjoys gardening or has the time for it. Fortunately, the Yardroid intelligent landscaping robot can tackle your greenery while you fill your days with things that you’re passionate about. It features a built-in camera that can recognize and target weeds and spritz them with weed killer. Moreover, it can mow your grass using AI technology and even create decorative patterns in the lawn. Using its built-in camera, it can target only weed plants to keep your garden looking its best while you relax.

This landscaping robot is coming soon for $2,500.

5. Store up to 500 passwords in the Smonet Keyless Smart Door Lock. It’s one of the best consumer tech gadgets that lets you lock and unlock your front door without a key.

If you’re forgetful with your door keys or worry that you’ve left your front door unlocked, you need the Smonet Keyless Smart Door Lock. This is one of the best consumer tech gadgets available because it prioritizes security. In fact, it’ll automatically lock for five minutes if anyone enters an incorrect passcode more than five times. Also, its automatic locking function ensures that your front door is locked every time you leave.

This Wi-Fi gadget is available for $109.48.

6. Get clean and dust-free floors with the Tesvor T8 robotic vacuum. It sports 2,000 Pa suction power, self-charging technology, visual navigation, and sweeping and mopping functions.

The Tesvor T8 robotic vacuum includes smart features to customize, schedule, and monitor cleaning sessions; and select cleaning modes. This device includes a front camera to clearly see the route ahead while avoiding any obstacles, such as furniture. Furthermore, it’s one of the best consumer tech gadgets for busy individuals because you can return home to clean floors without lifting a finger.

Get yours from the official website for a reduced price of $250.

7. The All-In-Sensor complete smart home gadget is one device with 18 functions with security and smart features that provide peace of mind.

The trouble with many consumer tech gadgets is that they’re too complex and you need many of them for a smart home. Fortunately, the All-In-Sensor complete smart home gadget boasts many features. This includes broken glass detection, a humidity and temperature sensor, a gas and water leakage detector, a fire sensor, and more. With a plethora of uses, this device gives you peace of mind if you live alone or often leave your property unoccupied.

Preorder this smart home gadget from Kickstarter for $99.

8. One of the top consumer tech gadgets, the uHoo indoor air quality sensor measures 9 different air qualities to monitor virus exposure for a healthier family and home.

The air we breathe isn’t always as healthy as we think. But the uHoo indoor air quality sensor uses air quality data to provide you with helpful tips to reduce virus exposures. Presented in an easy-to-understand scoring system from 1 to 10, this air quality sensor informs you of how healthy your indoor air really is. As a result, it can improve your sleep quality, limit illnesses, and improve focus and productivity.

Purchase this air quality sensor for $329 from the official website.

9. Schedule when you open and close your blinds with the RYSE SmartShades blind motorizing gadget. Use it with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa for easy voice control.

Waking up to sunrise is a great way to energize yourself for the day. The RYSE SmartShades blind motorizing gadget schedules your blinds to open and close so you’ll never miss a sunrise or sunset again. Not only does this tech make your home smart, but it’s also a wonderful reminder to unwind and relax before bed.

Get yours for a reduced price of $99.

10. Feel safer in your home with the Ring Wall Light Solar. It emits 800 lumens of light when it detects motion to scare off a perpetrator.

The Ring Wall Light Solar is like having a pair of eyes surrounding your property while you’re not home. If it detects movement, it’ll shine a light on the person to remind them that they’re on private property. Nobody can miss this spotlight when it’s switched on, and it uses solar energy to recharge, keeping it ready to secure your home again the following day.

Purchase yours for $59.99.

11. The Apple TV 4K 2021 Edition comes with a new Siri Remote, and it’s one of the consumer tech gadgets that supports 60 fps videos and AirPlay high frame rates.

Upgrade your tech gadgets with the Apple TV 4K 2021 Edition. It comes with a host of features, including the new Siri Remote to make your navigation experience better than before with intuitive controls. Additionally, it features A12 Bionic to power smoother motion and greater responsiveness when you game.

The 2021 Edition is available from $179 on Apple’s official website.

12. Manage a plethora of devices easier at home or in the office with the Nooie Smart Power Strip, which features 4 smart sockets.

Nooie Smart Power Strip

Charge your devices with ease with the Nooie Smart Power Strip. It includes four USB charging ports and four smart sockets that are conveniently spaced apart for a clutter-free appearance. Best of all, you can name the individual outlets on the Nooie Home app, allowing you to easily control your devices via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control.

Get your gadget for $49.99 from the official website.

13. Connect with nature at home with the Respira smart air-purifying garden. One of the best consumer tech gadgets, it traps dust and large particulate matter for a cleaner home.

Place the Respira smart air-purifying garden in your living space for an outdoor haven indoors. It waters and feeds itself, so you don’t need to keep on top of maintaining your plants. All you have to do is set aside enough water and nutrients, and this air-purifying garden with handle the rest.

Preorder yours for a discounted price of $582.49.

14. Clean UV rays in a commercial setting with the Hills Engineering COROBOT. This antivirus disinfection robot provides instant high-temperature sterilization for cleaner surfaces.

Hills Engineering COROBOT antivirus disinfection robot

Keep a large surface area clean with the Hills Engineering COROBOT antivirus disinfection robot. Featuring 3D disinfection, it kills airborne bacteria for a healthier environment. Moreover, the unit’s multijointed arm allows it to easily disinfect parts in a large, open space.

Order yours for $80,000.

15. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 collects pet hair as well as ground-in dirt and dust from carpets, wood floors, vinyl, and tiles for a cleaner home.

Enjoy a dust- and dirt-free home with the Dyson Ball Animal 2 pet vacuum. It tackles stubborn dirt and hair, including from pets. With Ball technology, it can easily navigate around furniture and obstacles to pick up everything in its tracks. Plus, its washable filter makes it easy to maintain and reduces overall costs.

Order yours for $499.99 from the Dyson website.

There’s an abundance of consumer tech gadgets on the market, and the above devices are sure to make you feel safer and healthier indoors, or even take some stress away from cleaning duties so you can spend more time with the family. Which of the above gadgets of 2021 caught your eye? Share your favorites in the comments.

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