CubeSensors Endows Your Home or Workspace With Stronger Health

Living a stress-free and more automated life isn’t a big deal today, all you need is great insights on the tech world and the sense of purchasing the right ones from the plethora of smart gadgets available out there. It’s only once in a while when you see true game-changers like Bringrr and Lumo Lift that simply wires your regular mind into becoming more prone to having a lifestyle that’s swift and proper. But when on one hand we can confidently say that predicting our personal fitness or mental stability isn’t that difficult to analyse today, can we say the same when it comes predicting our environments at home or at the workplace? This might seem strange given the fact that the smart home industry gadgets are doing a real big round worldwide with hi-tech locks and security features like the ones from August Smart Lock, but we still seem to be unattended to simple home air quality monitoring analyzers or maybe devices which could make our daily lives at home more pleasant and comfortable.

What if a gadget could save you from terrifying energy bills every month by controlling your room temperature automatically pertaining to your needs or keep all kinds of flu bugs and viruses away from home without bothering you a bit – wouldn’t that feel like being on a divine palace that otherwise happen to be your everyday shelter! Well, the good news is this isn’t fantasy anymore. A world class team from Slovenia had toiled for over a year to bring this incredible technology onto the palm of your hands that promises to turn your abodes into healthier environments you could have just dreamt before. That’s CubeSensors – tiny little pieces of beauty that can understand your home or office better than you do.

One Cube Per Room Ensures Healthy Living At Home or Work

It was on a recent interview with Fast Company when cofounder of CubeSensors Ales Spetic had made a wonderful statement saying, “You can act on something only when you can measure it. People adapt to the conditions they are in, however, their stress level and productivity adjust accordingly.” It is this measuring power which CubeSensors provide you with that makes you and your home become the best of friends forever. Those zoned out moments from work due to headaches caused by bad air can now be swiped out from your lives once and for all. What you need are these small wireless box-shaped devices that are packed with seven intuitive sensors which can turn your otherwise ordinary lives into one miraculous adventure – a journey where you could easily master the methodologies of living a better life indoors.

CubeSensors Winners of Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014

It’s like your personal monitor for every room in the house – from checking air quality in order to ensure a pollution free atmosphere to detecting room temperature according to your needs, CubeSensors are like the miniature conquerors of smart living. They look adorable too! Instead of occupying a large space of your well decorated household, all it takes is just a small place on your work table or bedside table wherever necessary. It silently keeps a track of all that’s happening around without making you realize its presence and uses subtle glows for alerts. A simple shake is all that’s required to let you know whether everything’s working fine (blue for all’s good and red for danger). On their press release, Ales had also said, “You can download thousands of weather apps from your favorite app store. Yet it’s the air quality and other environmental factors inside our homes and offices that determine how well we feel throughout the day. We created CubeSensors to uncover the secret life of your indoors and provide simple solutions that can make you feel better. You can avoid a headache by opening the windows at the right moment or be more productive with the right temperature settings.”

CubeSensors Amalgamate Perfectly With Your Home Decor

Apart from its operational features, what makes a gadget more lucrative is its design and that’s where CubeSensors takes the honor undoubtedly. While the size definitely makes it easily adaptable for any indoor environment, the front and back panel with precision crafted holes looks artistic and alluring. The cubes are wireless too – you can either choose to charge it periodically or keep it plugged in whatever suits your convenience. That was all about how CubeSensors monitors your indoor environment but that alone can’t take you anywhere close to improving it. What you would need is the CubeSensors mobile app for getting into the deeper insights and alerts in order to actually make your living smarter and, ofcourse, better. This makes life more easy going as with the app you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. So, whether it’s your pets bothering neighbors or any suspicious intruder inside the premises, you are kept informed round the clock. A perfect home or workspace gadget that actually makes you rest peacefully.

CubeSensors Mobile App

With all those outstanding features packed in a smart gadget, it can be said that CubeSensors inevitably deserves the winning trophy that they received from Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield this year at CES 2014 held at Las Vegas. This is a team which has indeed made living a smarter experience for the future with a tiny device embedded with large-scale sensing powers. Starting from a package of $299 USD, it’s time we let cubes take the power of control for our indoor environments instead of being tormented by the fears of unhealthy living. Happy Gadgeting!

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