ECHO H2 Revolutionizes Fitness Tracking in Real-Time

ECHO H2 Revolutionizes Fitness Tracking in Real-Time

With the increasing demand for innovative fitness trackers comes the urge to build something different and more intuitive than what you’ve already seen. When the sports and fitness trackers themselves comprise of a $700 million industry in the world of wearables, it’s expected to witness new technologies in this sector time and again. Again, there’s this increasing group of “Fitness Fanatics” who spend more than three times the average amount of time in health and fitness apps. So, the health conscious generation is indeed paving the way for the extremely innovative fitness trackers of the future. From tracking your basketball training statistics to athletics, there’s nothing a fitness tracker can’t analyse today. But what we are going to discuss henceforth is about a sensor which can track your fitness in real-time, unlike the ones you’ve come across till now.

After undergoing seven years in R&D with a team of Swiss scientists, the innovators at Kenzen came up with a new-age wearable that can track your daily fitness with one drop of sweat. ECHO H2 can be considered as the world’s first Bluetooth enabled smart patch which can effortlessly monitor hydration, lactic acid and calories from a single drop of sweat. You won’t need a modernized treadmill or an array of blood tests to get your fitness data anymore. The ECHO H2 monitor and smart patch could become your very own sports lab you can carry anywhere on the go.

ECHO H2 fitness wearable

Eco-Friendly and Disposable Smart Patches You Can Easily Wear

Once paired with the advanced health monitor, ECHO H2 lets any individual optimize their performance, increase endurance, measure calorie intake and burn as well as avoids injury and exhaustion. All a fitness fanatic craves from their tracker is now a simple wireless patch you can attach to your abdomen or calf muscles, the two most highly accurate and reliable zones on the body for sweat analysis. That way, you won’t have to compromise on your style by wearing a bulky wristband everyday. The smart patches are disposable and eco-friendly, each coming with a lifespan of seven days.

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ECHO Universal Monitor Symbolizes Accuracy at its Best

The monitor, on the other hand, claims to be extremely accurate in analysing your fitness data and has been designed to integrate with all future Kenzen products. An important aspect of the monitor is that you can connect more than one ECHO for tracking 3D motion, form, posture and gait analysis. A feature most fitness trackers don’t possess. To get the most out of your tracked data, you need to attach the H2 smart patch on the ECHO monitor for getting a detailed report on your hydration, lactic acid and calorie levels that have been tracked using sweat analysis. So, your entire fitness regime can now be transported to a whole new level.


Why is This Kind of Fitness Analysis Necessary At All?

As described above, ECHO H2 tracks three important biomarkers in real-time. The first of them being hydration which is a primary factor in keeping your body temperature regulated by delivering oxygen and transferring nutrients to your muscles. By tracking your hydration levels with ECHO H2, you won’t have to stick to the “8 glass of water” per day schedule anymore. Rather, you can now track your water intake in real-time and reduce fatigue that way.

ECHO H2 fitness tracking device

Second tracking factor is lactic acid, over accumulation of which in the blood can cause muscle strain and injury. ECHO H2 tracker enables you to maximize your energy without crossing the threshold. The third and the final factor is glucose, the concentration of which in sweat is used for calculating metabolic rate in athletes. This helps in providing accurate calorie counts, how much you intake as well as burn.

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The mobile app (iOS, Android and Windows) will help you by revealing the insights in a unique way that encourages better and smarter personalized fitness tracking. Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, you can get your SPRINTER pack of ECHO H2 (an ECHO universal monitor, 20 reusable and disposable H2 smart patches and a fully unlocked Kenzen mobile app) for a pre-order price of $89. Together with its groundbreaking technology and portable form factor, this fitness tracking unit is indeed a huge advancement in the present world of fitness trackers. Happy Gadgeting!

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