eMedica Card Helps You Carry Your Health in Your Hands

eMedica Card Helps You Carry Your Health in Your Hands

Technology has given us tons of options to stay healthy. Whether it’s an exercise cycle for work or an activity tracker to keep you in line with your fitness, you have something or the other to balance your personal health. But have we seen anything that could help us on when we face accidents or sudden health deterioration on the go? I still remember coming across an elderly woman on a bus who had an asthma attack in front of me. She asked me to get her inhaler from her bag and by the time I did, she fainted. Luckily, with the rest of the people on the bus, we could take her to a nearby hospital where, after a preliminary check up, we were told that she was allergic to sunflower. And that bus had a woman who was carrying a bouquet with sunflowers for her friend’s birthday party!

We weren’t aware of the reason behind her problem which is why we couldn’t help her to the fullest. Maybe if we knew why she was facing that kind of an attack, we could have done something. When I first came across eMedica Technologies, I thought this is what we need more than our smartphones on the go.

The One Personal Health Record Card You Need!

To put it simple, eMedica card stores medical information including allergies, medications and current health conditions to help emergency medical professionals understand their patients better. Having an eMedica card with you will prove to be very useful if you face some health problem on the go. Because no one is expected to know their entire medical history. The card includes 8 GB of onboard storage and can connect to any PC or laptop with the help of the USB 2.0 flip-out connector. The data backup feature is optional and uses eMedica’s private secure server which is never in the “Cloud”. The software loads every time you push your card to any laptop or PC. No Internet connection is required. Finally, the credit card sized design is portable enough for you to carry in your pockets or wallet or bag.

eMedica Card Helps You Carry Your Health in Your Hands

Secure Method of Carrying Your Health Information

There are two plans available for purchase – Basic ($7.50 per month) and Premier ($18.50 per month). The Premier plan will give you an additional option where the eMedica staff will help you gather and scan your medical records and load that information on your eMedica Card.

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Now if you’re wondering what exactly can you store on this card, here is a list you can refer to:

1. Track past and present medications and supplements.

2. List drug, food, and other allergies.

3. Medical conditions and family history.

4. Add relevant medical files such as lab test results, X-rays, and CT scans.

5. Declare advance directives such as Do Not Resuscitate or a Living Will as part of your personal health record.

6. Keep a record of immunizations you or someone you care for has received.

7. Medical coverage and insurance information.

8. Track your travel history.

9. Store a list of important contacts.

10. Define a care team.

eMedica Card Helps You Carry Your Health in Your Hands

With all those features, it would be wise to say that eMedica card is that one little product that will speak for you when you can’t. Staying healthy depends on your will power, but you can’t predict when something bad will strike your health. eMedica card is built for those days! Would you prefer going for this digital health record system?

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