Our favorite Indiegogo projects from 2020 so far

Indiegogo always has clever projects that help people solve everyday problems. And don’t we all run into little issues throughout the day that we’re sure a simple gadget could fix? Well, you’ll probably find the device you’re looking for on Indiegogo. And our favorite Indiegogo projects of 2020 are ideas we’ve found incredibly useful this year. If you’re curious about the latest innovations in tech, design, and more, check out this list.

Our favorite Indiegogo projects from 2020 so far
Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot in Use

Over time, the small problems that you face every day add up. Take your work desk, for instance. If you aren’t comfortable sitting at it, you’re looking at years of back discomfort and maybe even health problems. And what about keeping your floors clean? If you haven’t got a good vacuum or mop, the dirt builds up into layers over time, which becomes hard to remove. Eventually, you’ll need to scrub them by hand, which is no fun for anyone. A good gadget or two from our favorite Indiegogo projects of 2020 could help.

Luckily, inventions have always made life easier for humans. Thomas Edison once said, “There’s a way to do it better, find it.” Our favorite Indiegogo projects of 2020 so far do just that. They find ways to make your daily routine more efficient, organized, and healthier. Check out these unique products and see if they can help you do what you do better.

AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk

One of our favorite Indiegogo projects from 2020 is the AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk. This height-adjustable desk lets you decide if you want to sit or stand. And its smart app can let you know when you’ve been sitting too long and should switch to a standing position. Best of all are the features: a wireless charger, security drawer, aromatherapy diffuser, air quality sensor, and more.

HaierTAB Robot Mop and Vacuum

If you’ve always wanted a robot vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to check out the HaierTAB Robot Mop and Vacuum. This device is a combined mop and vacuum in one. Because after vacuuming, you should mop, right? This device also has a hair-cutting feature that eliminates clogged brush rollers. So you won’t have to waste time cleaning hair from your robot vacuum.

ROIDMI X30 Pro Mop and Vacuum Cleaner Combo

Another of our favorite Indiegogo projects is also a mop and vacuum duo. The ROIDMI X30 Pro Mop and Vacuum Cleaner Combo uses a 165 AW and 26500 PA centrifugal air press to generate strong suction power that will get your floors cleaner than ever. What’s more, you can use various kinds of disinfectants in this device to keep your home healthy.

TALO Self-Brushing Toothbrush

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your morning routine, you’ll want to check out the TALO Self-Brushing Toothbrush. This device automatically brushes your teeth in just 20 seconds with its unique and comfortable half-mouth design. TALO uses the ADA-approved Bass Technique to clean each tooth, leaving you with a healthy set of pearly whites.

Bebird High-Tech Otoscope Ear Cleaner

The Bebird High-Tech Otoscope Ear Cleaner is one of our favorite Indiegogo projects because it gives you a better, safer way to clean your ears. With its soft, silica gel ear spoons, Bebird is gentle on your ears. And its 1080p HD camera lets you see real-time images of your ear so you can be sure you won’t hurt yourself. It’s never been safer or easier to keep your ears clean.

Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot

An interesting Indiegogo project is the Misa Next Generation Social Family Robot. She can be a friend, a teacher, a helper, a photographer—whatever your family needs. Misa is knowledgeable on a variety of topics, and her wheels and sensors let her travel, learn, and interact with her world. She’s a great companion and can help you organize your day.

LMP S2 Reusable Protective Face Mask

We all want to breathe clean air when we’re out. And the LMP S2 Reusable Protective Face Mask ensures you do just that. Thanks to its carbon filters, this reusable face mask has an N99 rating on the FFP3 standard. And with its snug fit, you’ll be sure no microbes will be able to get in or out.

Loftie Multifunction Alarm Clock

The Loftie Multifunction Alarm Clock is our favorite Indiegogo project to help break our bedtime smartphone habit. This bedside alarm clock boasts a dimmable display, nightlight, two-phase alarm, and custom content. It also provides guided meditations, sleep playlists, and more to help create a cozier sleep environment. Eliminate distracting tech from your bedroom with this gadget and get a better night’s sleep.

Fat Iron Body Toner

The Fat Iron Body Toner will give you an overall toned look. Cleared by the FDA, this gadget is safe for home use. It uses bipolar radiofrequency, electro muscle stimulation, and photon red light therapy to virtually iron fat off your problem areas. Manage wrinkles, fat, and loose skin with this gadget.

PICO Self-Watering Palm-Sized Garden

PICO Self-Watering Palm-Sized Garden is one of our favorite Indiegogo projects for the house because it helps take the guesswork out of watering plants. Powered by high-performance LEDs from OSRAM, PICO lets you grow plants indoors successfully. And its watering system ensures your plants always have the perfect amount of water.

These were our favorite Indiegogo project so far in 2020. While the year isn’t over yet, we hope you’ll agree that there are some pretty neat ideas here. Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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