These easy coil charging cables keep your work space neat and tidy

Are you tired of your charging cables cluttering your kitchen counter? What about that mess of cables on the power strip next to your desk? We all want our homes and workspaces to be tidier, but the real-estate that charging wires take up sometimes makes this impossible. What if there was a way to keep your power cords neat and tidy while you charge your devices?

These easy coil charging cables keep your work space neat and tidy
The SuperCalla coiled

Now that so many of us are self-quarantining or even have orders to stay indoors, keeping our homes tidy and clutter-free is more important than ever. Nothing is more suffocating than desks and counter spaces covered with small items. One of the worst transgressors of untidy areas is power cords. They take up valuable real-estate on your nightstand, power strips, and counter space. And what’s more, there’s no real way to keep them organized while they charge. Luckily there’s a gadget that can solve this problem. The SuperCalla easy coil charging cables will keep your cords neat and tidy while they charge your devices. Plus, they’re the ultimate fidget toy.

SuperCalla wires are neat and tidy

The SuperCalla easy coil charging cables will instantly make your home and workspace tidier. Instead of scattering everywhere like typical charging wires, these cables snap into a variety of organized coil shapes with magnets. The magnets are diametrically magnetized and free-floating along the cable. This lets the magnets’ north and south poles always connect. So you’ll never waste time trying to line them up to create the perfect shape. They’ll do it on their own. Also, the ultra-durable silicone sleeves protect the cable and further help the magnets line up. These charging cords are an easy, fun way to create more space in your home.

SuperCalla Easy Coil Charging Cables

The SuperCalla Coiled and Plugged

The magnets are fun to snap

Another cool feature of these easy coil power cables is the magnets‘ addictive snapping sound when they coil. Really, you could coil and uncoil it all day long. It’s also something you can play with instead of clicking your pen or tapping your finger. And don’t worry about destroying the cables while you fidget. These cords are ultra-durable, and the fun-factor is something the creators built-in. So feel free to coil, snap and un-snap away.

SuperCalla Easy Coil Charging Cables

The SuperCalla Plugged with Phone

Choose from a 3 ft (0.9m) or 6ft (1.8m) cord

We’ve all been in a situation where our charging cord just isn’t long enough. Either it’s too short for using the device while it’s being charged or not long enough to go from the outlet to your desk. That won’t be a problem for the SuperCalla. It has two lengths of charging cords. You can choose the 3-foot wire for your everyday charging needs or the 6-foot option for outlets that are a bit farther from where you want to use your device. The coil feature lets you keep the cords tidy, even while you charge at a distance.

SuperCalla Easy Coil Charging Cables

The SuperCalla with Laptop and Phone

The SuperCalla is excellent for travel

Another great feature of these easy-coil charging cables is their portability. The next time you take a trip, you won’t have to stuff a bunch of wires into your backpack or suitcase. The SuperCalla snaps into several compact coil shapes that are easy to pack into a backpack side pocket or suitcase tech sleeve. This makes the cable easy to find while you’re on the move and ensures that it won’t get damaged. We all need one less thing to think about when we leave our homes.

SuperCalla Easy Coil Charging Cables

The SuperCallawith Laptop and Phone Aerial

Charging cords that are super-functional

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, SuperCalla is extremely functional. These charging wires are rated for fast charging, data transfer, and are compatible with wireless fast charging technology. Also, there are five connection type options that’ll let you charge pretty much any device. What’s more, SuperCalla cables are made to last. They’re reinforced with flexible, protective silicone tubing and made with premium, high-grade materials. It’s a gadget that’ll last you for years.

SuperCalla Easy Coil Charging Cables

SuperCalla Coiled and Plugged into a Wall

What we love about the SuperCalla

We love that these easy coil charging cables minimize clutter and free up workspace. It’s so much easier to get things done when things are in their place and you’ve got plenty of clear surfaces. We also love the magnets’ fidget-worthy snap, something we could play with all day.

What we would love to see

We’d love to see even longer lengths on these charging cables. Compared to typical charing wires, the SuperCalla’s 3-and-6-foot options are quite adequate. But truly convenient lengths could be longer, say in the 7- and 8-feet range.

Where can you buy the SuperCalla?

You can pre-order the SuperCalla for $19 on Kickstarter.

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