Useful gadgets to help hide the cables from your workspace

Chances are, the more organized and tidy your workspace is, the more productive you're going to be. There isn't the distraction of needing to tidy up. Because we all know that's an easy way to procrastinate. One of the main culprits of a messy desk is cables and cords everywhere. Luckily, there are some great ways to hide the cables and keep everything looking neat and streamlined.

Useful gadgets to help hide the cables from your workspace
Bento Stack Apple Accessories Organizer in Black

No one likes all the cords they have. Hence the reason Qi-enabled wireless charging was invented. Think of all the devices you have around your work area. Without trying, you can probably come up with at least ten. Because everything you use needs some type of cord. And before you know it, your desk becomes a cluttered mess of what you’re working on and the power and charging cords that are helping you get that work done. You need to hide the cables.

Hiding all of the cables around your desk might not mean getting rid of them completely. It might just be as simple as keeping them organized so they aren’t in a jumbled pile off to the side. Or it might mean keeping them plugged into something right under your desk or using a hub. Whatever issue you’re running up against, we have the solution. Best of all, a lot of our solutions are great for travel as well—when we all can actually go anywhere again.

Fuse Reel The Side Kick Collapsible Laptop Charger Winder

The Fuse Reel The Side Kick Collapsible Laptop Charger Winder helps keep your laptop charger organized in an easy way. Simply attach this collapsible winder to your charging brick, and you instantly have a spot to wind up your cable. This cable organizer ensures your laptop accessories stay neat, tidy, and accessible. And when you’re not using it, this charging cord winder collapses down so it’s nearly flush with your charging brick. Instead of using the pop-out clips that come on Mac chargers, this organization tool works even better. As long as your charging brick is at least 2.7 inches square, the Side Kick will fit it.

SuperCalla Easy-Coil Charging Cables

Charging cables are kind of the worst. They’re always a tangled mess, and keeping them in semi-order is a pain. SuperCalla Easy-Coil Charging Cables change all of that. These charging cables have magnets along them, so you can easily coil and uncoil your cables. Plus, you only have to uncoil just what you need rather than the whole length. You’ll be more neat and tidy than ever before, and they’re great for traveling. Plus, with a ton of coiling options, they’re fun to fidget with. 

Native Union Belt Watch Magnetic Apple Watch Charging Cable

If you’re tired of fraying cables, look to the Native Union Belt Watch Magnetic Apple Watch Charging Cable. Because it’s reinforced, this Apple Watch charging cord is more durable than others. If you’re prone to hurriedly wrapping up cords, this Apple Watch cable won’t mind. It even comes with a leather strap that helps you roll it up in an organized way. Additionally, this cord is four feet long, so you’ll have plenty of room to plug it in while still using your Apple Watch

Twelve South Journal CaddySack Luxury Leather Travel Tote

Carry your Mac accessories in style with the Twelve South Journal CaddySack Luxury Leather Travel Tote. This small case provides a place to store your essential Apple accessories, including cables, adapters, and a MacBook power adapter. Inside the Journal CaddySack is a collection of Velcro straps and elastic bands to keep your accessories in place. Likewise, it comes with a pocket for smaller items. To top it off, the soft tweed fabric lining helps keep your accessories looking their best.

Twelve South StayGo USB-C Organized Desktop Hub

The Twelve South StayGo USB-C Organized Desktop Hub gives you extra cord length between it and your computer. Because Twelve South knows that hubs are super convenient, and sometimes they’re completely necessary. However, the tangle of cords that comes with them can be a nightmare. Instead, this desktop-friendly hub has a cable long enough to hide your hub away under your desk or behind your computer. And this USB-C desktop hub still has all the ports you need: 4K HDMI, three USB-A, gigabit Ethernet, SD, and micro SD. 

Fuse Snap Back Charging Cable Winder

You can stop untangling your cords now thanks to the Fuse Snap Back Charging Cable Winder. This handy gadget snaps to your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook charging block so you can wind your cord around it. It has the right amount of space for your cord to fit, and this charging cord winder has a slot for the end to sit in. Available in five-watt, 12-watt, 18-watt, and 30-watt sizes, this iPhone charger winder fits around pretty much any Apple charging brick.

Foxtail Premium iPhone Charger Organizer

Finally travel smarter with your iPhone charger in an Apple-worthy and minimalistic design with Foxtail Premium iPhone Charger Organizer, which is ideal for work, at home, or on the move. Simply roll up your cable and, with a click of a button, be on your way. You never need to take it off, so you’ll never lose it. Designed to be compact and light, Foxtail keeps your cable clutter-free and holds it together with the adapter in an elegant and protective fit. Made in premium Nappa leather, the organizer has a microfiber interior and beautiful stitching. 

BESTEK Mountable USB Power Strip Cube

Access every port you could possibly need with the BESTEK Mountable USB Power Strip Cube. Unlike the power strip you probably have at home, this one is made for your modern needs. Coming in a cube design, it’s compact and practical yet has loads to offer. With the five-foot power cable, you can put this power strip anywhere that’s most convenient to hide the cables. Want it on the side of your desk or on the wall? It can do that, too. You have the option to mount it with either screws or 3M adhesive. Best of all, the power strip detaches from the base after it’s mounted. 

Fuse Watch Side Winder Apple Watch Charger Organizer

Sick of your Apple Watch charger cords taking up space on your desk? The Fuse Watch Side Winder Apple Watch Charger Organizer can solve these problems. This charger winder keeps your Apple Watch charger cords tidy and damage-free with its patent-pending ‘SNOTCH’ cable latch. The latch keeps your cables wound until you need them. What’s more, you can even keep charging your watch while the cord is in the winder. Your desk will be more organized, and you’ll immediately know which charger is for your watch. 

Bento Stack Apple Accessories Organizer

Organize your workspace once and for all with the Bento Stack Apple Accessories Organizer. Designed to match the aesthetic of Apple products, this organization system will bring you balance and serenity. The Bento Stack has the main bottom compartment that is large enough for your adapters and large cables. The lid to this section also doubles as a place to stash your spare Apple Watch bands. On top of this is a compartment for smaller cables and earbuds. 

Excited to start getting organized and to stop untangling all of those pesky cords? We are. We’re already using some of these items and our desks are looking much better for it. Which of these do you think you’ll be getting? Let us know!

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