IKEA Wireless Charging System is the Best You Can Have Indoors

IKEA Wireless Charging System is the Best You Can Have Indoors

I bet all of us have felt like killing our power cords sometime or the other in life. They are bulky, messy and often turn your home into a bed of wires if you’re too tech-savvy and own tons of gadgets. Again, since these so called charging devices are necessary in our day to day tech lifestyle, quite naturally they mostly go missing. You forget where you’ve left them the last time and there goes your phone battery together with your peaceful temperament. It’s quite a chaos which needs to get sorted with something that will be easy to handle and less messy in terms of cord management.

IKEA wireless charging

Yes, I am referring to wireless charging out here which has already been predicted to triple in the next eight years to a $15 billion market. As Farouk Balouchi, an analyst for Pike, said in an interview, “This is one of the technologies that has a lot of prospects in various markets. It’s not exactly a green technology, but it’s something that can help mobile devices become more energy efficient and more green and sustainable.” So I think we should all switch to this side of device charging at home as soon as possible before those wires choke you someday!

IKEA late spring wireless charging collection

While there are a number of scattered wireless charging solutions for your home available out there, the recent late spring collection from IKEA is totally worth having indoors. All you have to do here is place your phone or other gadgets on the plus sign. They have blended your chargers beautifully with your indoor furniture. In spite of that, every charger comes with a USB outlet you can use to charge other devices that aren’t compatible. These furniture are your everyday side table and lamps with the charging pads making it easy for you to charge one or several smartphones at once. As described by Björn Block, IKEA Range Manager for Lighting and Wireless Charging, “With the help of our wireless chargers, we make charging easy, fun and convenient, by turning furniture into charging spots. We enable convenient charging throughout the home, designed for your personal needs. At the same time, we make homes more beautiful by minimizing the use of cords. Nobody likes cords, yet everyone wants a fully functional home. With our wireless chargers, it’s possible to have both.”

Let’s have a look at the entire collection.



This wireless charger has the capacity to build into your furniture. If you can’t figure out what kind of charger to make, it can fit perfectly into the cord outlet on some of your desks.

Price: $29.99



It’s a nightstand with wireless charging. So apart from keeping your mails and keys, you can now leave your phone to charge after returning home from work.

Price: $59.99



This is another nightstand which is smaller in size and comes with a USB cord too apart from the wireless charging pad. The cord to the electricity supply is neatly hidden in a groove down the leg of the table.

Price: $109.99



VARV table lamp from IKEA

You’ve had a lot of floor lamps to set up a relaxing mood post sundown. But VARV can also charge your phones while you take your evening nap in peace. It also comes as a table lamp if you’re running short of space or prefer a mood lamp by your bedside at night.

Price: $119 (floor lamp), $69.99 (table lamp)



Are you looking for a work lamp with an adjustable arm for those emergency work in the middle of the night? RIGGAD could be of great help here because it’s not just a work lamp but a beautiful wireless charger too!

Price: $79.99


NORDMÄRKE single charging pad from IKEA

NORDMÄRKE triple charging pad from IKEA

This is the charging pad you can use anywhere in the house. Like your kitchen top or your work desk or your dining table. Wherever you think your phone could do with some charging.

If you have too many phones or many family members, try the triple pad version instead of the single pad and charge three devices at the same time.

Price: $27.99 (single pad), $64.99 (triple pad)



At offices and meeting rooms, you can get rid of your cords by using ROMMA which is a pretty awesome cord management box.

Price: $9.99



If your phone already supports wireless charging standard (Qi) you’re all good to use this amazing solution. But if not, try using the VITAHULT covers available at IKEA to make your phone compatible with wireless charging.

Price: $20 (iPhone 4), $25 (iPhone 5/5C/5S), $25 (iPhone 6), $15 (Samsung Galaxy series S3, S4, S5)

With these solutions there, I don’t think charging your phone will be too messy anymore. Refer to the entire wireless charging late spring collection from IKEA and check them out in details. What products are your favorites from this list? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Gadgeting!

Madhurima Nag is the Head of Content at Gadget Flow. She side-hustles as a parenting and STEM influencer and loves to voice her opinion on product marketing, innovation and gadgets (of course!) in general.
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