Introducing Gadget Flow AR – View and Interact with Products in Augmented Reality

Introducing Gadget Flow AR – View and Interact with Products in Augmented Reality

If it had not been for augmented reality, Pokémon Go would never have achieved the success it did. We won’t deny that blending augmented reality in your everyday life does initially sound superficial. But ever since June, when we started working on the Gadget Flow AR, we have understood its potential in e-commerce. AR brings virtual elements into the real world. In fact, it lets you see where and how you can use a product in real life.

In other words, it’s like experiencing the magic of offline shopping in the online world. That’s exactly why we didn’t give up on this project. Finally, after 2,000 cups of coffee and endless brainstorming sessions, we give you the Gadget Flow AR! If our platform has been helping you discover great products, now you can take that experience even further with Augmented Reality.

The Power of AR in E-Commerce

As a matter of fact, we aren’t the only ones trying to use the power of AR in e-commerce. IKEA has given an AR makeover to their mobile catalog on Android and iOS. Their purpose is to help customers check how the furniture will look in the space they want to place it. Gap tried to do the same with their augmented-reality Dressing Room app. But we want to make this whole experience even more versatile. While these apps are more brand specific, Gadget Flow aims to bring the AR experience to an entire marketplace. So, whether it’s a MacBook or a smart bed, you can test its compatibility in the real world with the simple click of a button.gadget-flow-augmented-reality-ar-

Online Shopping with a “Real” Touch

While checkouts and chatbots were previously the only digital counterparts of offline shopping, AR seems to have revolutionized the sector. It gives you that real-world shopping experience and makes it way more entertaining than it was before. And with the arrival of Apple ARkit, things started rolling for our iOS app as soon as we decided to launch this new feature. It was tough, and we look forward to making it even better in the coming days. But let’s just say Pokémon Go was always a great inspiration while we were working on this new chapter.

Meet the Gadget Flow AR

Coming to what the Gadget Flow AR is all about, let’s just go back to the beginning. This feature will give our iOS app users the option of seeing products in augmented reality (AR). It features “SLAM” technology, which allows you to move a product around in 3D for checking dimensions, handling, features and zoom, and interact with it before purchase. In fact, we happen to be one of the first platforms to introduce AR content for commercial products with the help of Apple’s ARKit.

“Consistent with Gadget Flow’s first-mover approach to adopting new technologies to enhance our clients’ sales, we’re the first major online marketplace to showcase products in AR,” says Evan Varsamis, co-founder, and CEO of Gadget Flow. Our aim is to make product discovery easier for our users as well as for our customers. So, if you’ve been desperate to see a product’s compatibility in real life, we’ve just made it easier for you.

Product Discovery Redefined

Gadget Flow AR is currently available on the App Store as a part of our main application. You can simply download it here, and then head over to the “Available in AR” category to enjoy the experience. This feature requires iPhone 6+ or later versions, along with iOS 11. We’ll keep adding content on a daily basis and release weekly updates.

For the brands looking to make the most of this experience, please feel free to submit your files and renderings here. Let’s step into the future of online shopping!

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