Introducing the New Gadget Flow – The Future of Product Discovery

Gadget Flow has always been about discovering great products and helping you stay connected to the brands you love. We've been on a mission since 2012 to simplify product exploration. Today we are announcing our biggest redesign yet. One that drastically improves how you interact with the platform and brands.

Introducing the New Gadget Flow – The Future of Product Discovery
Introducing the New Gadget Flow

When we launched Gadget Flow eight years ago, the amount of engagement and feedback we received from our community inspired us. And that’s what has motivated us to continue improving Gadget Flow every day since then.

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We are a data-oriented company, we listen to our users and brand advocates, and we change constantly. This is one of the reasons we are successful today and have reached hundreds of millions of consumers over the years. Considering that most brands and websites follow best practices, you end up seeing the same patterns. So whether it’s a blog, a news website, or an eCommerce store, you keep seeing the same layouts, formats, etc. Most probably, there are only a few industry-leading brands that set the bar every year.

With the New Gadget Flow, you’ll experience an app-like user interface, animations, interactions, and a blazing-fast environment where you can discover, interact, and engage with products and brands.

Today, we are excited to announce our biggest redesign yet.

A lot of things have changed with the new version, but most importantly, we’ve pushed the boundaries. The new Gadget Flow is all about putting product discovery first from every perspective. The majority of our users and visitors use Gadget Flow to stay updated on the latest product trends, buy unique gifts, create a public collection for their birthday, and set reminders for when products go on sale. You can now do all of that and more, better and more seamlessly.

The New Gadget Flow Navigation

The new sticky navigation that you’ll find on every page takes web browsing to a whole new level. Inspired by the UI/UX of mobile apps, we wanted to create simple yet powerful navigation that you can use to browse our core platform pages with ease.

The new trending bar that’s always visible and changes dynamically gives you more ways to explore new content and buyer’s guides. But most importantly, it helps you stay up to date with what’s trending right now.

Gadget Flow Discovery great products

The New Gadget Flow Navigation

Prioritizing on Product Discovery

For the past few months, we’ve been analyzing user behavior and focusing on understanding our users’ priorities as well as interactions with the products. The new Gadget Flow focuses on product discovery by interlinking categories, similar products, and simplifying product elements.

Improved Product Actions

Improved Product Actions

New Rating System

When you browse Gadget Flow, you’ll notice that every product has a rating. Given by our editorial team, these ratings are between five and ten stars. This isn’t an arbitrary rating system. We consider a number of different product aspects when determining a rating. These factors include quality, competitive features, aesthetics, price, and more. This is a detailed breakdown of how we define different rating levels.

  • Products with ratings from 8.5 to 10 are considered excellent.
  • Products with ratings from 7.5 to 8.4 are considered very good.
  • Products with ratings from 5 to 7.4 are considered good with minor quality issues.
  • Products with ratings below 5 are not recommended.

Typically, we only feature products that we would rate with at least 8.5 stars and consider excellent in every way. However, we regularly adjust ratings based on user feedback and product reviews.  

Improved Product Actions

The new product actions were inspired by our iOS App actions that we introduced earlier this year. You can now receive notifications, save, or share a product by clicking the three dots while browsing on your mobile phone. We’ve removed that option, however, for all products while browsing from a  desktop browser to eliminate clutter.

Product Actions on Mobile Browser

Product Actions on Mobile Browser

Join the Beta Program

For this update, we’ll be doing a slow rollout in the coming weeks. If you want to use the new Gadget Flow, make sure to sign up or log in to your account, click the profile icon on the top right corner, and enable Beta Mode. All of our users will have access to the new Gadget Flow if they decide to opt-in starting from today. We expect the rollout to be completed for everyone, including guest users, in the coming weeks.

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