Introducing The Gadget Flow Shop, Redesigned UI and More

Introducing The Gadget Flow Shop, Redesigned UI and More

If you’ve been a regular visitor of our platform, you’ll know by now that we keep changing our platform’s design again and again. We believe in giving our users a seamless browsing experience with a minimum time lag and maximum efficiency. You don’t want to sit back and witness a website load for more than 2 seconds which is why we have optimized our platform as much as we can! (it’s just 0.6 seconds to load now!?). We wanted our users to keep looking for products as you do on a physical storefront and that led to the infinite scroll mechanism.

From customized wish lists to currency support, we have been introducing new features almost every month! The last couple weeks, we have been working to make our platform more user-friendly by redesigning our navigation. Here is a list of the latest updates you’ll get to experience on the Gadget Flow from today. We have redesigned the UI of our platform, simplified our categories, and improved the performance of every wish list account! You can refer to our Changelog here. 

The Gadget Flow Shop

Oh and before you think that’s just all we have for now; let us give you a glimpse of the brand new Gadget Flow Shop. 

The Gadget Flow Shop

After discovering more than 10,000 products, we thought of taking a big step forward by opening our shop with lots of exciting products for our users. Till date, you’ve been exploring products through Gadget Flow and purchasing them from the seller’s website. We definitely help you discover great products every day, but we wanted to do more than that, therefore, today, we are officially launching the gadget flow shop.

The Gadget Flow Shop

Redesigned Homepage

You’ll get to see a couple of new widgets and few other different options to navigate easily through our homepage. That way, you’ll get to browse the everyday discoveries in a hassle-free way.

Latest Platform Update - Redesigned UI, New Featured Section and More

New Featured Section

You must have already come across our new “Featured” section under the homepage slider where we highlight our latest recommendations. We have redesigned that particular section and it will be updated every day with new products handpicked by our editorial team!

Redesigned Categories

We had 140 categories before. Now, browsing 140 categories was kind of overwhelming therefore  we decided to simplify everything under 20+ main categories for you to browse. We’ve also introduced our new mega menu dropdown bar on the header that will help you go to any specific category from any page. You still get those 140 categories but in a way that is easier to browse as compared to what it was before.

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Popular Categories

Not only this, you can now click the Popular Categories option and see the ones which are trending every week on our platform.

Latest Platform Update - Redesigned UI, New Featured Section and More

Latest Discoveries

We always thought 10 was a good number. But with increased popularity and thousands of requests from our users, we decided to switch to 12 new discoveries every day. Because 10 might be good; but 12 is better! 

New Header Navigation

When you scroll below the slider, you will see our new and improved navigation bar that has everything you might need while browsing our homepage and categories. You can sort the entire page by specific price range, product age, and even choose to view three or four products per row. 

Latest Platform Update - Redesigned UI, New Featured Section and More

Full-Width Content

We’ve increased the size of our slider and removed the welcome slide that was static for all our guest users. Now, every time you load our website, you get to see a random slide. Sounds like fun!

Like always, any platform update wouldn’t be possible without your feedback. So drop in your suggestions and thoughts about our new version in the comment section below.

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