Everyday backpacks that carry all your essentials

Backpacks aren’t just for students. These days, working professionals carry their laptops, smartphones, a multitude of chargers, and important documents with them every day. And recent world health concerns have added hygiene products to the list, too. Check out our roundup of everyday backpacks that will help you carry all your essentials no matter what your day entails.

Everyday backpacks that carry all your essentials
Black Ember WPRT MINIMAL Waterproof Roll Top Backpack in Use

Remember the last time you stopped at Starbucks before work and your laptop bag just couldn’t keep up? You had to fumble through papers and past your shoulder laptop for your wallet. And when you got to the office, your shoulder was killing you from lugging everything you needed on one side of your body. But the items you need shouldn’t cause you pain. And the fix might be as simple as switching to a new bag. More specifically, one of these everyday backpacks that let you carry all your essentials.

Sure, you could keep lugging your laptop with you while you run errands and just put up with the shoulder ache. But even the Mayo Clinic recommends that people avoid carrying heavy bags with shoulder straps. I don’t know about you, but I’ll follow the experts’ advice about this one.

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We know there’s a lot of things you need while you’re outside of your home. But don’t worry, these backpack makers have thought of everything. You’ll find bags designed for professional use, bike commutes, and even travel. But of course, your best bag depends on the job you work and what everyday carry items you prefer. Regardless, be kinder to your shoulders and give these backpacks a look.

VESSEL Signature 2.0 Plus Getaway Backpack

You’ll be able to carry all of your essentials and look professional with the VESSEL Signature 2.0 Plus Getaway Backpack. This 27-liter backpack lets you fit a 180-degree laptop sleeve opening, so you easily take your laptop with you everywhere. And, as the name suggests, this backpack is also great for getaways since it’s got a pocket for everything from your headphones to your water bottle. The micro-suede synthetic leather and velour lining keep this backpack business-friendly.

hardgraft Chestnut Belted Leather Backpack

Another stylish option for an everyday backpack is the hardgraft Chestnut Belted Leather Backpack. Because of its luxury design, you’d never know that it carries a laptop up to 15 inches, which helps keep your computer secure. This belted backpack is durable enough to last you for years since its made from sturdy wool and leather. What’s more, it has two interior pockets that help you organize your wallet, keys, and phone.

Black Ember WPRT MINIMAL Waterproof Roll Top Backpack

A versatile everyday backpack that’ll protect your gear is the Black Ember WPRT MINIMAL Waterproof Roll Top Backpack. With its minimalist and practical design, this pack is ideal for urban commuters. And with its premium materials and sleek look, the WPRT MINIMAL will go along with the city vibe. Additionally, a rear airflow panel keeps your back cool while you wear it, so you won’t have any more sweat marks on your shirt. Finally, this bag has an IPX6 waterproof rating so it can keep up with your commute, even if it’s raining.

Ortlieb Velocity 2020 Cycling Backpack

A great everyday backpack if you’re a cyclist is the Ortlieb Velocity 2020 Cycling Backpack. Entirely waterproof, this backpack even includes a padded laptop case to protect your computer. And an interior zippered compartment keeps those small, everyday carry items organized. With its roll-top design, the Velocity is exceptionally durable and rated IP 64 waterproof. Best of all, its ergonomic design has rear padding that will keep you comfortable no matter how long you’re riding or walking.

Ortlieb Velocity 2020 Cycling Backpack

Ortlieb Velocity 2020 Cycling Backpack on a Man

Topo Designs Rover Pack Premium Urban Backpack

The Topo Designs Rover Pack Premium Urban Backpack will let you carry all your essentials, problem-free. This commuter bag looks luxurious but acts rugged since it features ripstop with a TPE coating. This means you can toss it aside to play a quick pickup game with friends. And its 1000D nylon cinch-top upper portion keeps the design sleek while giving you easy access to your belongings.

Stuart & Lau Capstone Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

The Stuart & Lau Capstone Lightweight Waterproof Backpack is one of our everyday backpacks that will keep your look modern and professional. Its design features pockets and sleeves to keep your essentials organized while you’re on-the-go. Also, the zipper system makes it easy for you to access what’s inside. Moreover, the hidden stow pocket keeps your phone and wallet secure. The Capstone backpack is waterproof and durable, so your essential items will stay safe, even if it rains.

travlwear ERA Backpack Photography Travel Bag

Great for photography and your day-to-day needs, the travlwear ERA Backpack Photography Travel Bag is designed to keep your essentials safe. With its ShieldTek™ material, this bag is weatherproof and shockproof. This means you won’t have to worry about accidental bumps, falls, and rain. This travel bag also features a theft-proof design, integrated USB charger, and the capacity to hold five days’ worth of clothing.

Bellroy Shift Backpack Work Bag

Another of our everyday backpacks is the Bellroy Shift Backpack Work Bag. It’s designed to keep you professional while you live an active life. The Bellroy Shift has a clean design that’s comfortable enough to wear during your bicycle commute, and the multi-level system gives you the option to adjust the size depending on what you’re carrying. There’s no bag better suited to your daily needs.

So, did any of these everyday backpacks strike a chord with you? I’m all about the photography backpack. But everyone’s needs are different, and there’s something for everyone on this list. Let us know your favorites below!

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