13 Must-have AI gadgets for your home

Looking for a new smart gadget that monitors your baby sleeping, improves your sleeping pattern, or keeps you fit at home? These must-have AI gadgets are quirky and practical for all lifestyles. They'll make your daily routine easier and even help you feel more productive and safer.

13 Must-have AI gadgets for your home
Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera in Dark Gray and Blue

Although the idea of incorporating cyborgs into our everyday life seems scary, there are more fun and acceptable ways to have AI in our lives. For example, using a smart AI chessboard or a toothbrush with built-in artificial intelligence.

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Either way, we can’t deny that AI is here to stay. And how we accept it or incorporate it into our life is totally up to us. We might not bring home a Bicentennial Man, but a smart AI gadget or two—yes, please sign us up!

Square Off Grand Kingdom Set Smart AI Chessboard

Enjoy a game of chess in an unconventional way with the Square Off Grand Kingdom Set Smart AI Chessboard. Enabled by robotics, sensors, and AI, the chess pieces actually move on their own. This allows you to play with opponents all around the world, and with 20 difficulty levels to choose from, everyone can get involved.

Embodied, Inc. Moxie Childhood Development Robot

The Embodied, Inc. Moxie Childhood Development Robot is a friend and robotic teacher for children. It uses play-based learning techniques to develop your child’s emotional, cognitive, and social skills. The Moxie can even listen to your child read as well as recite stories to them.

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

Get fit without leaving your house with the Tempo Studio AI Home Gym. This set includes everything you need for a total-body session. That includes two dumbbells, a barbell, multiple plates, a recovery roller, and more. You’ll also have access to on-demand workouts. It’s great when you need some mid-week motivation.

Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera

The Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera will help you feel safe indoors or when you leave your house unattended. This intelligent camera can recognize faces. Simply upload pictures of your friends and family to the app so it knows if there’s anyone unfamiliar hanging around your property. It can even learn your family’s routine, so you know when your kids make it home from school safely.

Cubo AI Sleep Safety Baby Monitor

You can’t always coddle your baby—especially when it’s bedtime, but this is often when they need supervision the most. Fortunately, the Cubo AI Sleep Safety Baby Monitor sends you an alert if your baby’s face is covered. This AI gadget also notifies you if your child enters dangerous zones.

LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box Pet Health Monitor

Among the must-have AI gadgets for your home is the LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box Pet Health Monitor. This intelligent litter box examines your furry friend’s stool and urine after they use the bathroom. It also sends notifications to your phone when your cat uses it. This way, you can track any irregular behavior changes.

ALFRED A.I. Personal Assistant Robot

The ALFRED A.I. Personal Assistant Robot helps you become a pro at multitasking. It follows you to perform tasks for you. In particular, ALFRED can connect to your smart home. It receives notifications, including reminders and weather alerts. This AI gadget also has built-in interactive and educational games and so much more.

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

It’s not just children but also adults who need coaching with brushing their teeth. The Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush is one of the must-have AI gadgets for improving your brushing technique. It features a smart pressure sensor that notifies you via the Oral-B app if you’re brushing too hard or soft. Also, it provides a two-minute countdown so you can track your progress.

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush on a Bathroom Counter

Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror

Who needs a bulky smart gadget when you can use the Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror? At first sight, this is a conventional mirror. But it transforms into an intelligent screen that can set the temperature in your house, play music, switch on the lights, and more.

Huawei AI Cube Alexa Smart Speaker

Get all the answers you need with the Huawei AI Cube Alexa Smart Speaker. Alternatively, request a song and it’ll play exactly what you’re looking for—no matter where you’re at in the room. And its highlight? It serves as a router, too—offering 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity that many other must-have AI gadgets can’t compete with.

Meccano-Erector M.A.X Interactive AI Smartbot

Build your own robot with the Meccano-Erector M.A.X Interactive AI Smartbot. M.A.X is a great way to develop your knowledge of programming during the assembly stages. You can control this smart gadget via voice commands to test your trivia knowledge, listen to jokes, or play games. It’s great for kids!

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 AI Standing Desk

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 AI Standing Desk switches from a seated to a standing position to improve your health and productivity at a desk job. The electric-motor desk measures your activity in real-time. It’ll alert you when it’s time to stand. Even more, it predicts when you’re getting tired and dehydrated. It also syncs with your Google Calendar to learn your routine to keep you motivated.

Netvue Belle AI Wi-Fi Doorbell

Easily communicate with visitors without even being home with the Netvue Belle Ai Wi-Fi Doorbell. Belle features AI facial recognition and greets your visitors on arrival. The smart device also offers motion detection and HD live streaming. Connect the doorbell to the app to receive alerts and monitor any suspicious activity outside your home.

Which one of these AI gadgets would you grab for your home? Share with us in the comments below.

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