This new mute button helps you boost your productivity

Tired of forgetting whether your microphone is on or off during your virtual conference calls? Eliminate that worry with the MuteMe illuminated mute button. This cool office gadget gives you an easy way to control any microphone while you work.

This new mute button helps you boost your productivity
MuteMe illuminated mute button in use

Maybe it’s happened to you before: you’re on a virtual conference call at home, and you think your mic is on mute. You call, loudly, to your kids in the other room to lower the volume on the TV. The trouble is, your mic wasn’t actually off. That mute button in the conference app is tiny, and your entire team heard you. It’s an embarrassing situation and one that could have been avoided if you had a more noticeable visual about your microphone’s status. And that’s why today, we’d like to introduce you to the MuteMe illuminated mute button. This mute button provides a pretty apparent way for you, meeting participants, and people physically around you to know if your microphone is on or off.

MuteMe is shaped like a large, modern button. It plugs into your computer and glows a vibrant green or red, depending on whether your mic is hot or not. It also includes RGB to provide color options for people with color blindness. This device is patent-pending and designed to recognize if you’re muted using intelligent software that works with your computer to control your microphone.

Let others know you’re busy

It’s not always evident to others in the house that you’re in the middle of a call when you’re working on the computer. But with an eye-catching mute button like MuteMe, they’ll know just by looking at your desk. This productivity gadget glows red when you’re muted and green when you aren’t. So when they see this work accessory with its green light, they’ll realize that the mic is ready to pick up sound.

Control any device with this productivity gadget

We mentioned above that this device is patent-pending with intelligent software compatible with any computer to control your microphone. That means you can use this mute button on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and more. If your device has a microphone, MuteMe works with it. This is convenient, especially if your work or school work requires multiple devices.

MuteMe illuminated mute button

MuteMe illuminated mute button top view

Enjoy easy operation with this office gadget

Another great thing about this mute button is its ease of use. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, MuteMe is ready to use right out of the box. Simply plug it in to get started right away. And along with that, this gadget also makes it simple to change your microphone with its Capacitive Touch feature. This feature allows users to press the button anywhere to switch the microphone from off to on and vice versa. So if you get a surprise visitor in the middle of a long seminar, you can keep all your programs open and simply press MuteMe to put your microphone on mute.

MuteMe illuminated mute button

MuteMe illuminated mute button top view in red

Simplify online learning for kids

This mute button’s ease of use means that it’s also kid-friendly. For situations like online learning, MuteMe makes it easy for kids to turn their microphones on or off with just a touch It also gives others in the house a clear reminder that class is in session and that others can hear them.

MuteMe illuminated mute button

MuteMe illuminated mute button with purple light

Increase your productivity and confidence

We all want to do our best while we work or learn online. But with the way technology is designed, it’s easy to make mistakes. When you, other people on your call, and the people around you have a noticeable way to understand that you’re in work mode, you’ll get more things done. Your confidence will also increase because you won’t be wondering if your home conversations are accidentally transmitted to coworkers or classmates.

MuteMe illuminated mute button

MuteMe illuminated mute button with pink light

Talk in the same room with multiple workers/learners

MuteMe is also a great solution for virtual calls with multiple people. For instance, the company’s Kickstarter page shows a video of two professionals in the same room, each participating in the same conference call on two separate computers. This mute button comes in handy in this situation, because it allows one coworker to easily turn off his microphones while the other is talking, eliminating the weird echo they’d get by having both of their mics on at the same time.

MuteMe illuminated mute button

MuteMe illuminated mute button with blue light

MuteMe illuminated mute button is a great tool for anyone working or studying in a household with others. It provides a noticeable way for you and the people around you to see when your mic is on. Also, the touch-activated button allows you to easily turn off your microphone when you need to take a break or turn off the mic quickly. An office accessory like this one can make your work from home much more seamless.

The MuteMe illuminated mute button costs $25 and is available for preorder on Kickstarter. What are your favorite productivity techniques? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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