These unique, noise-canceling earbuds will help you focus

Everyday life gets noisy. With loud talkers on the subway, construction projects on the sidewalk, and traffic, it’s hard not to be distracted by the things happening around you, let alone focus on the music playing in your earbuds. Or say you're at the gym on the elliptical machine when a trainer and his client take the treadmill next to you and start talking about everything under the sun—loudly.

These unique, noise-canceling earbuds will help you focus
The DSI True Wireless ANC Earbuds in White

The DSI Supersonic Noise-Canceling Earbuds solves these problems. They can help you tune out unwanted noise and will never make you eavesdrop unwillingly again. No matter where you are, these earbuds will block low-frequency sound and let you lose yourself to the sound experience you’ve chosen. And with 360 hours of battery life, you’ll be able to wear them as much as you want for as long as you want.

How the DSI noise cancellation works

Imagine enjoying your favorite music the next time you fly, utterly unaware of the toddler in the seat behind you having a meltdown. It’s possible with DSI’s unique noise cancellation feature. Using dual microphones—one that feeds forward and another that feeds backward—these earbuds detect the sounds around you. Once the microphones pick up those sounds, the noise canceling feature kicks in, leaving you with untouched sound. According to the company, the audio is isolated up to 35dB, which makes them some of the best noise-canceling earbuds on the market. So that poor toddler can have her tantrum, and you can let your thoughts wander while you listen to your music.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Noise Cancelling Earbuds on a Man who is Working

These earbuds save on energy

Think such quality must be energy-draining? Not these noise-canceling earbuds. The design is naturally energy-saving, so you’ll have an excellent ANC effect with a fraction of the energy that’s usually burned by competing brands. They are earbuds that sound good and feel good to use.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Noise Cancelling Earbuds Close up

These noise-canceling earbuds offer excellent sound

But noise cancellation isn’t the only thing these earbuds are good at. They also produce pretty good sound. High-resolution audio, to be exact. Using Qualcomm aptX HD, the earbuds support 24-bit music quality via Bluetooth. This results in fantastic sound with minimal distortion, letting users discern even the tiniest details during their listening experience. So no more scratchy songs that break up now and again. With the DSI supersonic earbuds, you can look forward to state-of-the-art sound.

Ambient sound for when you want noise

Sometimes you’ll want to let the real world in. Like when you’re walking or jogging along a busy street. For those times, the Ambient Sound mode will channel the sounds around you back into your ear so that you have a good awareness of what’s happening near you. You can activate the Ambient Sound mode easily with the DSI’s intuitive touch controls. Simply tap and hold the right earbud to sound in. Repeat to turn the mode off.  Ambient sound also gets activated automatically during calls and deactivates once you’re finished talking. Speaking of calls, the DSI delivers more precise voices. You can take a call with one or both of the earbuds if one is recharging or for better call quality in noisy locations.

DSI True Wireless ANC Earbuds

DSI True Wireless ANC Earbuds on a Sports Man

360 hours of battery life…enough for an entire month of listening

The DSI pack a charging punch. Fully charged, the earbuds have 12 hours of battery power plus an additional 360 hours from the charging case. If you use the earbuds 3 to 4 hours a day, you can expect an entire month of quality sound until it’s time to charge again. Its truly a great, low-maintenance device.

Charging that’s genuinely wireless

When you need to charge the case, you’ll use either a USB-C cable or a wireless charger. The DSI comes with an ultra-thin wireless charger that’s designed for the earbuds but can also charge all of your other devices. It even supports fast charging, so your 360-hours charge can happen during just a short wait. Also, the charging case is quite stylish with its tactile, high-end finish. You’ll be proud to carry them everywhere with you.

Listen smarter with your voice assistant

Voice assistants make life easier, so of course, they should be a part of a quality set of earbuds. That’s why these supersonic earbuds are compatible with Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. Your voice assistants can be right in your ear, helping you stay productive all day long.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Noise Cancelling Earbuds on Stone Background

You can go swimming with these earbuds

Picture doing laps around the pool while your favorite songs play in your earbuds. It’s not just a fantasy with the DSI supersonic earbuds. These earbuds boast IPX7 water resistance, which means they can withstand immersion in water of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. So you can also take them in the shower, bath, or even a rainstorm without any issues.

Touch Control Settings allow for smooth operation

The DSI earbuds are also easy to operate. With innovative touch control settings, you can change tracks or modes by simply pressing the outside of the earbud. One tap answers or ends a phone call or plays/pauses music.  A double-tap on the right earbud moves to the next song and a double-tap to the left plays the previous song. Three taps activate your voice assistant. It’s an intuitive design that would also be great as a hands-free headset in the car.

What we love about the DSI supersonic noise-canceling earbuds

We love being able to tune out the rest of the world with the DSI’s superb noise-canceling feature. They allow you to focus on whatever music, call, or video you’re listening to. The 360 hours of battery life are unbelievable, but oh so convenient. And swimming with music seems like a pretty cool idea too.

What we would like to see

The DSI earbuds seem large, which may not be the most convenient size for people with small ear shapes. A more compact fit might suit a wider variety of users. Also, for the moment, the Ambient Sound function can only be turned on or off. For greater flexibility, it might be helpful if users could adjust the level of ambient noise that enters the earbuds depending on their needs.

Where can you get the DSI supersonic noise-canceling earbuds?

If you want a genuinely excellent pair of noise-canceling earbuds with great sound and fantastic battery life, visit Indiegogo. You can pre-order the DSI Supersonic Noise-canceling Earbuds there for $45.

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