8 Smart travel gadgets for your winter vacation

Winter break is coming up fast. It's just about time to travel to visit family—or vacation to that ski resort so you can avoid your family. Or maybe you've decided to escape to the tropics and avoid everything "winter" entirely. Whatever your plans are, you need to be prepared for travel.

8 Smart travel gadgets for your winter vacation
Agog Sports SLOPEDECK Skateboard Lifestyle Shot

If you’re traveling for winter vacation, you won’t be alone. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for travel, with people visiting family or heading off to their favorite ski spot or the beach. Every year, you tell yourself you’re going to be more prepared next year, and whenever the next year rolls around, you’re not. And that’s okay. Because we’ve got all the smart travel gadgets you need to fulfill last year’s resolution.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite winter travel accessories that are guaranteed to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Rather than looking around the airport or the people at your destinations and thinking, “Dang, I wish I would have thought of that,” you’ll be the one people envy for your travel savvy.

Smart travel gadgets for the airport and plane

Navigating the airport and sitting on your flight is the worst part of any trip. You want to carry on so you don’t have to worry about the airline losing your luggage. And you don’t want to wait at baggage claim when you finally get off the plane. You’re always cold, and when you’re back in steerage, they don’t give out blankets. Or you forgot to bring the right earbuds and can’t watch that movie. Now you’re stuck listening to Karen in seat 36D telling you about all of her grandcats.

Away Bigger Carry-On Lifetime Suitcase

Say goodbye to the struggle of having to choose between the carry-on that is convenient but doesn’t hold everything you want it to, or the big bag that means you have to wait at baggage claim. The Away Bigger Carry-On is bigger than most carry-ons and holds 50 liters of your belongings, and still manages to fit in most overhead bins. Not the bins on those regional jets. Nothing fits in those. Away suitcases are made with a durable polycarbonate shell, and they are guaranteed to last a lifetime. (They really are. I just had to send mine in to be replaced because the lock was damaged on a trip, and it was a breeze.)  And the 360-degree spinner wheels make it super easy to navigate through the airport.

VESSEL Signature 2.0 Plus Getaway Backpack

If you’re going on a quick jaunt and just need a few things, the VESSEL Signature 2.0 Plus Getaway Backpack is perfect. This bag has plenty of space to hold everything you need for an overnight. This smart travel accessory features a 180-degree laptop sleeve opening so you can easily access your laptop in airport security. And it’s loaded with pockets and features to keep everything organized. It comes in three styles, so you’ll be able to choose the one that best fits your personal aesthetic.

Aros Inflatable Travel Hoodie

Plane rides are made infinitely better when you have a blanket and a pillow. This is universal law. But no one wants to carry these things through the airport with them. Instead, get an Aros Inflatable Travel Hoodie. This stylish hoodie comes in several colors, and you’ll love the inflatable pillow in the hood that takes just two breaths to blow up. Don’t worry about a sore neck or getting cold when you have this hoodie.

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter Bluetooth 5 Audio Transmitter

We’ve all been there. There’s a Chatty Kathy sitting next to us that wants to tell us her life story, and we forgot the earbuds or headphones that hook into the seatback display. But if you always have an RHA Wireless Flight Adapter Bluetooth 5 Audio Transmitter, you won’t need to worry about it ever again. This smart travel gadget can make any audio signal that comes from a 3.5-mm device turn into a high-fidelity Bluetooth signal. And it’s compatible with any wireless headphones. It has 16 hours of battery life, so it’ll cover all of your flight time. And it charges via USB-C, so you can top up on your layover if you need to.

The right travel accessories for your destination

It’s important to have what you need for the best time at your destination. That’s pretty much a given. But sometimes we don’t think about the little things that might help enhance our experience. We’ve got your back with these travel gadgets.

Agog Sports SLOPEDECK Hybrid Snow Skateboard

The ski resort is a blast. The lodges are beautiful, it’s gorgeous outside, and there’s amazing powder to shred outside. But if you’re looking for something other than snowboarding or skiing, the Agog Sports SLOPEDECK Hybrid Snow Skateboard just might be right up your alley. This snow skateboard lets you carve tight turns on the snow, and the closed-cell lightweight space provides a narrower running surface. It’s handmade in Canada and uses Canadian maple. And when you’re riding it, it’ll feel just like a skate deck. How cool is that?

JosephJoseph GoEat Travel Salt & Pepper Shakers

Yup, I know what you’re thinking. “Why is this on here?” But if you’re someone who travels to visit family for winter vacation, and you’re tired of eating Aunt Becky’s bland cooking, these JosephJoseph GoEat Travel Salt & Pepper Shakers could be a lifesaver. Sure, they’re for salt and pepper, but if you need a little kick to choke down that dry turkey and tasteless mac and cheese, you can put anything in these shakers that you need to make it through.

LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle

You won’t need to worry about having clean water wherever you travel if you have the LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle. This smart travel accessory is one you’ll want in your bag every time you leave the house. This water purifier bottle uses UV-C light to remove nearly 100% of bacteria from your water. And it’s mercury- and BPA-free. The bottle also cleans itself every two hours, so you won’t have to deal with smelly bacteria in the long run.

You’re sure to have a better winter vacation if you take our advice and put some of these smart travel gadgets on your shopping list. You might just be able to find some awesome deals on them to make them even smarter buys. If you’re traveling this winter, what are the items you have to have in your suitcase or in your carry-on to have the best trip?

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