Nuimo Simplifies Home Automation

Nuimo Simplifies Home Automation

Our homes are getting smarter and smarter by the week with new technology and gadgets. We’re able to have smart light bulbs that change colour, speakers in just about any location, and even devices that cook our food perfectly. However, all of these devices require human intervention which means we need to configure each one, all separately, to maintain whatever ambience we choose. Nuimo takes the legwork out of the equation by making your smart home even smarter.

Nuimo is a small, sleek yet powerful omni-button that gives you total control to everything in your home. It connects and controls anything that uses Bluetooth Low Energy, both gadgets and apps alike. With a single gesture you can dim your lights or start your favourite mood music.

Nuimo in kitchen

Controlling your devices and apps with Nuimo is intuitive and natural. For instance, you can hover your hand over Nuimo and lift it to increase the volume of your music. Or, you can gesture swiping right to change the track. For any one device or app you can choose touch control, gesture control, or turn the 360° dial for any number of actions.

Nuimo bedside

The team at Nuimo set out to create an easy to use home interface system and they’ve succeeded. As UX Designer Tobias Eichenwald says, Nuimo allows us to move away from screens and back to living our lives. The team relied on three traits to make sure Nuimo was perfect: simple, connected, and open.

Nuimo is simple in both design and how it’s used. With little set up and configuration via the Nuimo app, you can have total control over your devices and apps with any combination of gestures, touches, or spinning the dial. And, to switch apps or devices, you just press and hold Nuimo, swipe through your options, and press Nuimo again to select. In just seconds you can go from editing your photos in Lightroom with excellent precision to catching up on your favourite shows on Netflix.

Nuimo at dinner

Additionally, Nuimo is always connected and goes where you go. As long as your apps and devices have their Bluetooth turned on, you’re able to wirelessly and seamlessly switch between what you’d like to control. And, because of this, you can keep enjoying what you love to do; you don’t need to leave the dinner table just to adjust the music or lighting.

Nuimo on wall

And, Nuimo is completely open. Although there are already 30 out of the box integrations, the team have released the device with an open platform so you can create and manage any integrations you’d like. It’s unclear yet if you’re able to share these integrations, but it seems like a likely possibility.

Nuimo with music

Available in both black and white, Nuimo will suit any décor. It’s just 78mm in diameter, 19mm tall, and weighs just 190 grams. It comes kitted with a rechargeable lipo battery which will last you about four months as well as magnets with a 4.5kg holding capacity so you can store it wherever you’d like. Nuimo has a fresh look with an anodized aluminium base, polycarbonate touch surface, and an 11×11 programmable LED dot matrix.

Nuimo at home

You can pick up your Nuimo via pre-order here for $159 (~£100) which is 20% the retail price. Nuimo will begin to ship in October of this year.

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