Make Calls with Your Finger, Thanks to the ORII Smart Ring

Make Calls with Your Finger, Thanks to the ORII Smart Ring

Compared with handsets of yesteryear, modern smartphones are enormous. They may have dropped a couple of dress sizes, but you now need two hands to operate the screen. Better still, some genius decided to cover the entire device with glass. What kind of fluffy pillow world do these people live in?! Instead of risking your fragile device for every call, you can just use ORII. This smart ring lets you talk to friends and question Siri simply by raising your finger to your ear.

– Make calls, send texts and create reminders without touching your phone

– Uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound directly to your ear

– Lightweight, splash-proof design can survive your daily routine

The Smart Ring

There is something about the finger-in-the-ear posture that symbolizes the bodyguard brand of coolness. Perhaps we are conditioned by action movies, where the protagonist always has an imagined earpiece. Straining to hear radio commands during an intense gun battle, our hero shoves a digit into one ear.

Two-way radio is not exactly futuristic technology, but the ORII smart ring certainly feels like something from 2025. In terms of size, ORII can be compared with the largest red carpet jewelry. But rather than providing glamor, it packs remarkable functionality.

Instead of fumbling with your phone for every call, you simply place your finger on one ear. The voice of your friend or colleague comes through loud and clear, thanks to bone-conduction technology. It makes Mission Impossible seem like ancient history.

smart ring 5

Hello, Frodo Speaking?

Becoming the Lord (or Lady) of this Ring is pretty straightforward.

ORII connects to your phone via Bluetooth and works just like a headset. You can take and make calls, or dictate messages to Siri or Google Assistant. Likewise, you can access other voice-activated features on your phone. It allows you to create reminders or search the web without prodding a touchscreen.

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Perhaps the most impressive thing about this ring is the sound quality. ORII utilizes bone-conduction technology, delivering audio directly through your anatomy rather than the air. This technology has been tried and tested in medical-grade hearing aids. In this case, your finger becomes the connection.

When you place your fingertip against the bone just in front of your ear, the sound comes bursting through. The clarity is incredible, and it works really well in noisy environments. Just as importantly, your conversation is completely private. Only your ear can pick up these vibrations — real spy stuff, this.

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As an added bonus, ORII can alert you to notifications by buzzing. This feature is really useful when you need to be discreet. It is also completely customizable via the companion smartphone app, so you can filter out the annoying Snapchat messages.

Shoulda Put a Ring on It

While any geek would happily wear ORII, this lightweight ring will equally satisfy any fashionista. The lightweight, aerodynamic design is dominated by shiny anodized aluminum. As a result, this ring is splash-proof and almost impossible to scratch.

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Finally, ORII comes with its own charging case. This can refill your ring five times over — enough for five hours’ talk time or 225 hours on standby.

“ORII is a smart ring that offers a stylish and spy-like alternative to answering the phone. Wearing the ring and touching your ear gives you clear and crisp audio for phone calls through your finger. Make a quick phone call and send a quick message without taking your phone out.” — ORII on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Using your phone without (a) yet more screen time, or (b) wearing a headset all day.

Future Designs

With next-gen technology, we reckon this ring could be even slimmer.


– Kickstarter: Until August 17th

– Price: $119 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get free shipping with the Slim Pack!

– Delivery: February 2018

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