This quick-start charcoal grill gets your charcoal ready in 6 minutes

Wish you could get your charcoal grill to start faster and without lighter fluid? Check out the Barrel Quick Start Grill. This innovative charcoal grill is ready to cook on in six to seven minutes without the use of harmful fuels. Keep reading to find out how this gadget can make your barbecues more convenient.

This quick-start charcoal grill gets your charcoal ready in 6 minutes
Barrel Quick Start Grill on a summer day

Everyone loves the smokey flavor of ribs grilled over charcoal. The trouble is, getting a charcoal grill up to the optimum temperature can take a long time, especially if you’re using traditional methods. But you don’t always have to do things the traditional way. In fact, a little innovation goes a long way, especially when it comes to preparing a barbecue. And the inventors of the Barrel Quick Start Grill couldn’t agree more. Their improved take on an outdoor grill gets charcoal ready for cooking in as little as six minutes.

The Barrel Quick Start Grill is made of black metal and is barrel-shaped, like a smoker. The interior has a heating element that safely reaches 950 degrees Fahrenheit via battery power. So you won’t need to use any lighter fluid to ignite the charcoal. Best of all, this grill has a super-easy setup, so the next time you have guests over for a barbecue, prepping the grill won’t be an issue.

How does this flameless grill work?

The interior heating element of this charcoal grill reaches 950 degrees Fahrenheit in 3–4 minutes, which is pretty darn impressive. According to the project’s Kickstarter page, charcoal briquettes ignite about 660 degrees Fahrenheit, so the Quick Start Grill heating element lets the charcoal ignite faster and to a higher temperature. In contrast, the even configuration of the element heats the charcoal uniformly. This is exactly what you want when heating a charcoal grill: coals that are hot and evenly so.

Barrel Quick Start Grill

Barrel Quick Start Grill interior view

Is this fast charcoal grill easy to operate?

You bet. To use the Quick Start Grill, simply fill the barrel with charcoal, plug in the grill, and adjust the heat. In just minutes, your charcoal will be hot and ready for your famous burgers. It’s really that easy. So with this barbecue gadget, you won’t have to step away from your guests for half an hour or more while you wait for your grill to heat up. The heating element in the Quick Start Grill lights all components quickly.

Barrel Quick Start Grill

Barrel Quick Start Grill open

What sort of battery does the Barrel Quick Start Grill use?

This fast-heating grill uses a special lithium battery that can power the grill four times without needing a recharge, so that’s enough for half a week’s worth of grilled dinner. And with 110 volts and 1500 watts, this battery is pretty powerful. You can also use it to charge the company’s small, portable grill.

Barrel Quick Start Grill

Barrel Quick Start Grill in a back yard with a pool

Is this grill safe?

Yes. Since you won’t use lighter fluid or gas to light this grill, you won’t be working with any highly flammable materials. This means that you can start this quick-start charcoal grill without worrying about starting an out-of-control fire or burning your fingers when you place the grid on top of hot coals. All in all, this charcoal grill is a pretty safe alternative to more traditional charcoal grills, making it a great 2020 cooking gadget.

Barrel Quick Start Grill

Barrel Quick Start Grill next to a pool

Is this quick-start barbecue healthy?

Also yes. The battery-powered heating element eliminates the need to light the grill using lighter fluids, so it doesn’t release unhealthy carcinogens into your food. These fuels also leave a funny taste on food. Thankfully, with the Quick Start Grill, only the lovely smoke from the charcoal will ever reach your grilled chicken and nothing else. So this gadget amps up your cooking game, too.

Barrel Quick Start Grill

Barrel Quick Start Grill open on a white background

Is this barbeque convenient?

This charcoal grill is ready to use in six to seven minutes, with most grills taking up around 15–30 minutes to be ready. And since the Quick Start Grill heats the coals uniformly, you can use the whole grid for cooking your food. In contrast, the heat distribution on other charcoal grills is much more uneven, giving you just a few hot spots where your food actually cooks.

Barrel Quick Start Grill

Barrel Quick Start Grill on a white background

Is this method eco-friendly?

Since you won’t use lighter fluid, you won’t be wasting charcoal burn time to release fluid. Instead, this Quick Start Grill is ready to use as soon as it catches fire. This sends less carbon into the environment. You can also use any unused charcoal briquettes the next time you grill, further cutting down on waste. So it’s a sustainable option you can feel good about.

Barrel Quick Start Grill costs $250, and you can preorder it from Kickstarter.

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