The Quick Start Grill makes it easy to start the BBQ

With most charcoal-powered grills, you can spend a long time messing around with gas or lighter fuel just to get the fire started. But with the Quick Start Grill, you can have your steak sizzling in only six minutes.

The Quick Start Grill makes it easy to start the BBQ
Quick Start Grill Automatically Lighting Charcoal BBQ in Use

In theory, grilling should be the simplest method of cooking. What could be more straightforward than placing your steak over a fire? In reality, there are some obstacles to overcome. Perhaps the most annoying is the task of getting your charcoal briquettes to light. Instead of messing around with lighter fluid or gas, you might want to upgrade to the Quick Start Grill. This amazing BBQ has a built-in heating element, meaning you can start grilling in just six minutes.

What is the easiest way to light a BBQ?

Charcoal briquettes may be a great fuel source for cooking, but they ignite properly only when they reach 660°F. The great part is that it burns hot and lasts plenty long enough for everyone to get some patties. But you usually have to use fire-lighting fuels. Aside from the hassle and expense, pouring lighter fluid isn’t the safest activity.

Quick Start Grill

Close up of the charcoal in the Quick Start Grill

With the Quick Start Grill, you don’t have to go through this hazardous routine. That’s because it’s designed with an innovative heating element beneath the charcoal that sends the temperature skyward.

Quick Start Grill

Two people are using the Quick Start Grill.

Lighting the Quick Start Grill

To light this BBQ, simply plug it in and fill it up with coals. Within four minutes, it can reach 950°F—easily hot enough to ignite your charcoal. After six minutes, the Quick Start Grill will be ready for you to start cooking.

Quick Start Grill

It’s easy to use the Quick Start Grill on a table.

And the Quick Start Grill truly lives up to its name because it takes only 15 minutes to BBQ the perfect steak. Better still, it won’t taste like lighter fuel.

Turning the Quick Start Grill Off

Quick Start Grill

The Quick Start Grill easily fits on a table.

Once you have finished cooking, the Quick Start Grill makes it easy to stop the fire. You simply attach the lid and close off the vents to cut the oxygen supply, killing the flames.

Quick Start Grill

The Quick Start Grill in use on a table.

Having extinguished the charcoal, you can leave your half-burned briquettes inside the grill until the next time you fancy a BBQ. This saves money on fuel and reduces carbon emissions from your grill.

“With the Quick Start Grill, the charcoal is ready to cook in 6 to 7 minutes. It starts uniformly, so all the surface area of the cooking grid can be utilized for convenient cooking. Since it saves time, you can have a fully-cooked charcoal grilled steak in 15 minutes without the taste of lighter fluid.” —Quick Start on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

Quick Start Grill

All the Quick Start Grill components are on a table.

That heating element is a stroke of genius. Instead of spending ages messing around with dangerous fuel, you can get on with cooking something delicious.

What We Want to See

Because the heating element is electric, you do need to be near an outlet to use this grill. At some point, we would love to see a portable version!


You can buy the Quick Start Grill from the company website for $109 USD.

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