A pocket hand axe can help in any outdoor situation

If you’re a hunter or adventurer, you love spending time outdoors. The only thing that can come between you and your time outside? Having to lug your hand axe and cutlery set with you as you hike to your favorite spot. You wish there was a more compact way to be prepared in the woods.

A pocket hand axe can help in any outdoor situation
Bone Daddy Axxis pocket hand axe in blue

Heavy axes and knives are a pain to lug around. Not only do they cause backaches and muscle strain, but they can also slow you down. This isn’t so great for when you want to move quickly and stealthily to scope out your latest catch. The patent-pending Bone Daddy Axxis pocket hand axe is the solution. With 11 features, this hand axe can handle anything you need to cut, slice, or carve.

Bone Daddy Axxis pocket hand axe in gray

Bone Daddy Axxis pocket hand axe in gray

Modern technology improves stone-age design

What inspires the design of this compact, versatile pocket axe? The stone-age hand axe. Ancient as fire, the hand axes of prehistoric man had a few things going for them. It was small and light, thus it was something hunter-gathers could easily take with them wherever they went. Ancient man carved them from flint or stone and chipped them to produce razor-sharp edges for slicing and cutting. They could also be lashed to wood to make axes. It was a brilliant and useful design until man settled down and began domesticating animals. The makers of this pocket hand axe have improved on the stone-age design.

This hand axe is versatile

The Bone Daddy Axxis is more than a hatchet and more than a knife. It’s both in one compact, sharp blade. Use it as a knife when you need kindling for a fire or to cook a meal. Turn it into a hand axe when you want to build a shelter or clear brush. You can also lash it to a piece of wood to make it a full-size axe for splitting logs.

Bone Daddy Axxis has a versatile design

Bone Daddy Axxis has a versatile design

The Bone Daddy is light enough to carry anywhere

Your backpack will be instantly lighter with this pocket axe. Weighing 14.5 ounces, this cutting tool weighs less than half the average hand axe. Sizewise, at seven inches long, it’s small enough to fit in the side pocket of your pack. So you can always have it at waist level in case you need it for an emergency. Its thickness is 3/8″, which is a pretty slim design, especially if you consider what it can do. Imagine being able to go for a trek in the woods with only one cutting tool. With the Bone Daddy, you’ll only need one thing to cook, clear a campsite, and build your shelter.

A cutting tool with ten grip options

A versatile hand tool is one you can hold in several ways. For this reason, this pocket hand axe features ten grip options. The Bone Daddy’s eight independent finger holes fit fingers of all sizes. This means endless possibilities of ways you can hold this handheld axe. Whether you’re chopping, cutting, splitting, or skinning, you can choose the grip that works best for you. So no need to carry multiple knives for all the things you need to do while you’re camping. This axe is one that adapts to your needs.

Bone Daddy Axxis with ten grips

Bone Daddy Axxis with ten grip options

Strategic lashing holes make hafting easy

Another great feature of this pocket hand axe is its strategic lashing holes. These holes let you tie the Bone Daddy Axxis to a handle in any way you like. So, when you need to chop down a tree or split wood for a fire, all you need to do is attach this versatile blade to a handle, and you’re good to go. 

An outdoor knife that’s left-hand friendly

If you’re left-handed, you know cutting and writing tools often leave you out. Or worse, you’re forced to adapt to something made for right-handed people. Not with this cutting tool. This pocket hand axe was designed for ambidextrous use. You can even reverse the sheath. This lets you remove the blade from its protective cover easily with your left hand. So, left-handers, you don’t have to miss out.

Bone Daddy Axxis for the left hand friendly

Bone Daddy Axxis for the left hand friendly

What we love about the Bone Daddy Axxis

We love this pocket hand axe’s versatility and compact design. Its modern take on stone-age design is a cool inspiration, one that makes even non-adventurers interested in trying their hand at survival.

What we would love to see

This knife is a fantastic outdoor knife. However, to increase its safety (and pass security regulations in some countries), it might be useful if the sheath had a lock option. This would also make it evident that the axe is a tool and not a weapon.

Where can you buy the Bone Daddy Axxis?

This pocket hand axe costs $135, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter.

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