Smart cooking kitchen gadgets to speed up meal prep times

If you're a foodie, you're probably always on the lookout for kitchen accessories to enhance your recipes. But what if you considered a smart cooking gadget next that can add convenience to your culinary repertoire? In today's Daily Digest, we have an abundance of smart cooking accessories that are applicable for everyday use.

Smart cooking kitchen gadgets to speed up meal prep times
Must-have smart cooking kitchen gadgets

You don’t have to work yourself to the bone each night in the kitchen to prepare healthy dishes—not when you have smart cooking kitchen gadgets to aid your recipes. Kitted with voice control, temperature sensors, built-in scales, various cooking modes, and more, smart kitchen appliances are the way forward for busy, overwhelmed individuals who want to feel like they have a sous chef.

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After a long day at work, sometimes you want to kick back and relax, and smart kitchen accessories encourage you to do that. Take the CookingPal Multo, for example. It’s an all-in-one device with 10 cooking functions, and the integrated app monitors your food for you. Or perfect your toast every morning with the Revolution Cooking R180. This appliance toasts your bread exactly how you like it with 7 different shade options. Discover the full list of useful smart appliances to stow in your kitchen in today’s article.

1. The Njori Tempo smart cooker measures, monitors, and regulates temperature constantly. It’s one of the best cooking kitchen gadgets for an all-in-one device that won’t take up a lot of space.

Some key features of the Njori Tempo smart cooker include built-in scales, pan and probe temperature control, and water circulation. In particular, the temperature sensor continually monitors the pan temperature while you cook. This helps eliminate the chances of overcooking or undercooking your dishes. So this appliance provides consistent results.

Preorder this smart cooker on Indiegogo for £359.

2. Upgrade your cooking kitchen gadgets with the CookingPal Multo. It features 10 functions, including steam, knead, sauté, clean, keep warm, and manual. Control it virtually via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Spend less time cooking when you have the CookingPal Multo. This smart appliance encourages you to get creative with food and cook your own recipes without spending more time in the kitchen. Moreover, it includes a built-in scale, 3-liter capacity, and remote control use.

Order this appliance for $799.

3. The Cuisinart Complete Chef preps your ingredients so you don’t have to. It’s a must-have kitchen accessory for easier kitchen work.

The Cuisinart Complete Chef also features various cooking functions: sauté, simmer, slow cook, steam, proof dough, and risotto. So you can have one appliance that does it all without taking up much room on your countertop. Additionally, this appliance includes over 200 step-by-step recipes built into the unit, making it great for novice cooks.

Purchase this kitchen gadget for $699.95.

4. Keep your food cooking at the exact temperature you set with the Anova Precision Cooker Pro—no matter the ingredients.

The Anova Precision Cooker Pro is a sous vide device that works nonstop for 10,000 hours. You can even control and monitor your food while you’re at the gym or out with friends via the integrated app. This app also allows you to start, stop, or check in on your dishes while you’re out of the house. Moreover, this kitchen accessory provides 1,200 watts of power and a flow rate of 12 liters per minute.

Get your hands on this gadget for $399.

5. With a powerful 1,800-watt motor and 186 mph blade tip speed, the Breville the Super Q food blender provides quick results.

Created with 12 speed settings and 5 one-touch programs, the Breville the Super Q food blender personalizes to your needs. So you can easily create bean milks, fine flour, creamy dips, dressings, and even freshly ground spices. Furthermore, its unique cooling system reduces the operating noise while offering a whole lot of power.

Order this smart kitchen accessory for $499.95.

6. The CHEF iQ features a built-in scale and 4 integrated smart sensors to easily measure ingredients and cook by weight.

Cook with precision and ease when you have the CHEF iQ. This kitchen gadget also guides you through cooking with step-by-step video instructions that allow you to send precise parameters to this smart cooker. It also includes 300+ smart presets to assist you in the kitchen. Finally, this smart gadget includes wireless firmware updates to constantly improve itself.

Purchase this smart appliance from Amazon for $179.99.

7. Make your kitchen smarter with the Kohler Konnect Sensate. It’s a faucet that features voice-activation technology for hands-free use.

Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, the Kohler Konnect Sensate dispenses the exact amount of water you want and offers 2 sprays to simplify your kitchen needs. As a result, it minimizes water waste and is ideal if you need water but have messy hands.

Order this smart faucet for $1,224.20.

8. Customize how you like your toast with the Revolution Cooking R180. It includes 63 precise settings for the perfect taste.

Featuring the InstaGLOW heating system, the Revolution Cooking R180 heats up fast and sears bread without drying it, so you can enjoy toast that’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Moreover, this smart toaster allows you to select your bread type, preferred color, and more. It even includes a useful countdown timer on the digital display.

Get this smart toaster for $299.95.

9. Leave your pots unattended without worrying about food burning when you have the Saki automatic pot stirrer.

The Saki automatic pot stirrer is an awesome kitchen gadget that you’ll wonder how you lived without. It stirs soups, stews, sauces, risottos, and more—helping release tasty flavors while you spend more time with family. Above all, this accessory features dynamic arms that fit a range of saucepans (6–10.2 inches in diameter and 4–8 inches in height).

Order this smart device from Amazon for $58.12.

10. For a smart kitchen gadget that can do it all, consider the Thermomix TM6. It can chop, slice, fry, steam, and more.

Make preparing dinner a lot easier when you have the Thermomix TM6. It’s a food processor oven with a 500-watt motor, 2.2-liter capacity, integrated scales, and more. You’ll also receive 24 different cooking functions that enable you to explore your culinary creativity in the kitchen.

Purchase this smart food processor oven for $1,499.

You can still enjoy nutritious, delicious dishes every night without having to spend a fortune on pre-cooked meals or squander a large portion of your evenings over a stove. These smart cooking kitchen gadgets aren’t just for hectic parents or workaholics; they can add more time to your nights and even spark a passion for cooking. What are your go-to cooking accessories? Let us know in the comments.

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