Mirrex is the makeup mirror that helps you take better selfies

When you want to look your best, having a good makeup mirror in your bag is pretty essential. With the Mirrex smart makeup mirror, you can touch up the details and snap better selfies thanks to a built-in ring light.

Mirrex is the makeup mirror that helps you take better selfies
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  • What exactly is a smart makeup mirror? It’s a device that provides the usual reflective assistance, with some extra features such as built-in lighting or phone charging.
  • Which smart makeup mirror has the best features? With ring lighting, wireless charging, touch controls and selfie support, Mirrex is looking tough to beat.

When you have an important meeting or a date scheduled, it’s only natural to think about your appearance. Before you leave your car, you may want to check your makeup and add a couple more brushstrokes to perfect your complexion. You can do this with any old compact. But not every mirror can do what Mirrex can.

This smart makeup mirror has advanced lighting built in, meaning you can see exactly where to add more product. In addition, the mirror doubles as a wireless charger for your phone and as a stand for taking great selfies.

Why do I need a smart makeup mirror?

For centuries, people have used compacts to assist with the application of makeup. In good natural light, a small mirror is all you need to see any flaws to be covered. But in 2019, life doesn’t stop at sunset.

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Apply makeup in any light with Mirrex

Even if you’re queuing outside a club at 11pm on the darkest night, it’s still possible to apply flawless makeup with Mirrex. This mirror offers photographic-style ring lighting, meaning you can see every detail without shadows. As a result, you can apply your product with absolute precision.

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Take perfect selfies with Mirrex

That same lighting is very flattering when you come to take selfies. As such, you can use Mirrex as an additional light when Snapchatting and Instagramming. It’s also possible to adjust the light using simple touch controls.

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The mirror comes with a tripod stand

Better still, the mirror comes with an extendable smartphone tripod. This means you can easily take photos with your friends without holding your phone. Your phone mounts on the tripod, and Mirrex sits on top to provide illumination.

[tweet_box]With the Mirrex smart makeup mirror, you can touch up the details and snap better selfies thanks to a built-in ring light[/tweet_box]

Pure quality

Speaking of mobile devices — Mirrex can even breathe new life into your dying smartphone. The outer casing works as a wireless charger, while the internal battery provides extra juice.

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Mirrex doubles as a wireless charger

This mirror should survive the rough and tumble inside your bag, too. It is made from carbon fiber, ultra-clear glass, and durable ABS plastic. This choice of materials also makes Mirrex very lightweight.

“Using Mirrex, tweaking the details is never going to be a problem. You don’t need a buddy to hold the mirror for you, and you don’t need to find a bathroom with good lighting. This smart mirror represents the peak of on-the-go beauty technology, putting your best look within your reach anywhere and everywhere.” — AristaGlobal on Indiegogo

Better makeup, better selfies

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Mirrex is durable and lightweight

It’s great to see some genuine innovation in the beauty tech niche. Mirrex has loads of great features but, first and foremost, it’s a really good makeup mirror.

Future designs

The only problem we can foresee with Mirrex is the exposed mirror. It might be worth finding a small pouch to keep the glass free from scratches.


– Indiegogo: Until August 20

– Pledge: $39 USD

– Delivery: November 2019

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