The Dreamlight mask helps you get a better sleep

Overcoming insomnia or jet lag is easier said than done. Rather than waiting for nature to rescue the situation, it might be worth turning to science.

The Dreamlight mask helps you get a better sleep

Being unable to sleep at night can be debilitating. Sure, tiredness equates to a lack of energy. But insomnia and jet lag can also change your character and make everyday tasks seem impossible. They can even mess with your brain, so that it’s impossible to relax at the vital time of night. While exhaustion may eventually solve the problem for many people, the intervening days won’t be pretty. You can think of the Dreamlight mask as early intervention. This innovative device uses light and sound to help you get a better sleep, wherever you might lay your head.

Better sleep

On any normal night, when your brain is being cooperative, sleep should come naturally. After 16 hours awake, your body needs to do some essential maintenance. The problem is, your brain doesn’t always get the memo.

Science offers several tricks for retraining your brain. The Dreamlight sleep masks utilizes all of them, and adds a little beauty treatment. The mask has embedded LEDs that provide visual cues for your breathing. As your heart rate slows, you naturally enter a super-relaxed state. By this point, you’re only one step away from getting some shuteye.

better sleep 06

Expect some serious Zzz

To finish the job, the mask delivers soothing audio. Using the companion smartphone app, you can select the sounds of nature or drift off in white noise.

[tweet_box]Dreamlight sleeping mask uses light and sound to help you get a better sleep, wherever you might lay your head.[/tweet_box]

Dreamlight also lets you listen to binaural beats, relaxing music or autonomous sensory meridian response — sound that makes you tingle. Furthermore, these channels can be mixed together to create custom soundscapes.

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Select your soundscape

Deep relaxation

Aside from lights and music, Dreamlight has several neat features that help you relax.

Unlike most sleeping masks, this device does not apply pressure around your eyes. As a result, you can get to sleep more easily and avoid waking up with a sore face. The mask completely blocks light from the outside, while a built-in heart rate monitor checks on your comfort levels.

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Total comfort

There isn’t actually any scientific proof that Dreamlight will help you sleep. However, the mask’s methods are individually proven in various ways. While it’s not strictly necessary to put them all in one device, it does make it more convenient for the wearer.

better sleep 03

Clever, but…

Not just sleeping

But Dreamlight isn’t done there. After many hours of peaceful rest, the mask wakes you gently in the morning. Rather than an abrupt alarm call, you are gradually brought back into full consciousness by the built-in LED lights.

better sleep 02

“What a wonderful mask!”

Finally, this mask claims to make you more beautiful. Yes, you read that correctly. Dreamlight uses infrared treatment around your eyes in an attempt to heal skin damage.

“Studies show that deep breathing elicits a feeling of relaxation, according to an article carried by Harvard Medical School. Dreamlight uses this to ease you into sleep.”

“By breathing along with the soothing glow of Dreamlight’s internal orange light, you’ll enter sleep quickly and rest better.” — Dreamlight on IndieGoGo

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The ideal bedroom buddy

The dreamy parts

As an all-in-one defense against sleeplessness, Dreamlight has it all. It might not cure long-term insomnia, but it should help you beat your vacation jet lag.

better sleep 05

Vacation naps

Masking faults

It’s pretty expensive for a light-up mask and some Bluetooth headphones. But hey, good design never comes cheap.


– IndieGoGo: Until March 2018

– Pledge: $179 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get $10 off + free shipping

– Delivery: April 2018

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