ShapeScale Helps You Scan Your Way to Better Fitness

Everybody’s body works differently. While one person may struggle to control their weight, your skinny friend can devour donuts all day long. For folks wanting to improve their health and fitness, recognizing these differences is very important. Furthermore, you need to understand how your body operates. This requires something far more accurate than the bathroom scales. The ShapeScale 3D body scanner maps your body in under a minute, helping you visualize fat loss and muscle gains. It produces the most motivational before-and-after photos you’ve ever seen.

– ShapeScale high-resolution 360º scans in under one minute

– 3D heatmap shows where you have gained and lost weight since the last scan

– See breakdown of localized lean muscle mass, work towards weight goals

The Road to Better Fitness

The dream of owning a magazine-cover body seems distant for most of us. Those glistening abs and toned quads are superhuman qualities that require the physical dedication of an athlete. But you don’t have to spend life in the gym to improve your health and fitness. Shedding a few pounds is about training and eating in the right way.

With ShapeScale, you have the best method of assessing your progress. Rather than messing about with fat calipers and tape measures, you simply allow the device to scan your physique. The resulting 3D likeness lets you see the difference of every workout.

It’s perfect for folks who are trying to lose weight, improve their muscle mass, or stay truly toned.

better fitness 04

Sensational Scanning

To start taking measurements, you simply stand on ShapeScale as you would your regular bathroom scales. The difference is that this device has a camera on a rotating arm.

When you are ready to scan, the arm gradually revolves through 360 degrees. As it does so, the camera takes high-resolution images. Once the process is complete, ShapeScale uses these photos to create a detailed 3D model of your body. You can then view this creation via the companion smartphone app.

better fitness 06

Aside from admiring yourself, you can use the app to analyze your anatomy. More specifically, the app can show you the subtle changes in shape caused by your workouts (or overeating). You can see this data on heatmaps, with different colors representing positive or negative gains.

better fitness 05

ShapeScale also gives you a breakdown of all your measurements, from upper arm mass to neck size. In fact, you can compare scans over time to see the visual size difference.

better fitness 03

Alongside the flashy graphics, you can dig into the all-important numbers. The app tracks your weight, lean muscle mass, and slowly diminishing body fat. In addition, you can set goals for these figures. It’s probably too late for the beach season, but you might as well get in shape before Thanksgiving!

“ShapeScale scans you in photorealistic 3D to give you a visual overview of your progress. ShapeScale allows you to see the changes that your eyes can’t see. It’s not just about the number of steps you take. It’s about getting visible results.”

“The ShapeScale robotic arm can rotate continuously around you…to scan your body in under a minute. This allows us to scan your body precisely without an array of sensors.” —

better fitness 01

What We ❤️

A simple way of tracking what is actually happening with your body.

Future Designs

With full 3D scans, this system should make it easy to get the right size clothes when shopping online.


– Pre-order: via

– Price: $299 USD

– Deal: Save $200 on the full price!

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