Enjoy smart stereo sound on the move with Sound-vessel

You no longer have to sit next to your home stereo to experience thrilling, bass-heavy audio. This new portable speaker packs four drivers into one unit.

Enjoy smart stereo sound on the move with Sound-vessel
  • What is CSR Bluetooth? It’s the most popular chipset for handling Bluetooth connections.
  • What is aptX sound? This codec offers CD-like audio quality via Bluetooth.
  • What is the best portable Bluetooth speaker? With two tweeters, one subwoofer and a fully grown woofer, the Sound-vessel is hard to beat.

Over the past decade, audio technology has come a long way. Perhaps the most notable change is that speakers have shrunk. The cassette-radio boombox has been replaced by Bluetooth devices that fit in your pocket. As yet, however, no portable speaker has been able to match the quality of a multi-speaker home stereo. But that’s just about to change for good.

Sound-vessel is a striking new portable speaker that is small enough to take anywhere. Packed inside this compact device is a woofer, subwoofer, and two tweeters, meaning you can enjoy exceptional audio richness. What’s more, you can connect multiple Sound-vessels via Bluetooth for smart stereo sound.

Is it possible to get home stereo sound on the move?

Depends how you define “on the move.” If you’re hoping to get epic audio from a pocket-sized speaker, you might be waiting a while. But the Sound-vessel does allow you to pick up and move an entire smart sound system in one hand.

The device has a hint of retro style, but everything inside is cutting-edge. Powered by a CSR 4.2 chipset, the Sound-vessel offers crisp highs, rich midtones and thumping bass lines.

smart stereo sound 03

Smart stereo sound

[tweet_box]You no longer have to sit next to your home stereo to experience thrilling, bass-heavy audio. This new portable speaker packs four drivers into one unit.[/tweet_box]

In addition, this speaker delivers true stereo sound. While many portable speakers lose the 3D effect due to their small size, the Sound-vessel keeps the two channels separated.

New portable speaker technology

smart stereo sound 07

Four drivers in one speaker

The first thing you notice about this speaker is the design. Man, does this thing look good. Available in white and black, the Sound-vessel delivers all the sleek curves you could ever want.

smart stereo sound 04

Great design

On the top, you will find a control dial. This inspired design choice provides physical feedback, while allowing you to handle the Sound-vessel’s many functions.

smart stereo sound 08

Exceptional sound, virtually anywhere

You can pair the speaker with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth source to enjoy 24bit/192kHZ aptX sound. You can also connect multiple Sound-vessels together to create an impressive wall of sound.

smart stereo sound 05

aptX audio

The speaker has a built-in carry handle, and it weighs less than one kilogram (950g / 2.09 lbs). You can easily take it down to the beach or use it next to your TV for better movie sound.

smart stereo sound 06

Tripod mount

If that wasn’t enough, the Sound-vessel has a battery life of 12 hours. It can even play music directly from an SD card or any AUX source.

“Introducing a most innovative wireless speaker designed to be the perfect audio speaker of your musical universe. The Sound-vessel is a high-tech marvel that allows you to enjoy all of your music throughout your home and beyond, with amazing sonic realism and unique function.” — Soundvessel on IndieGoGo

What we like

It’s pretty remarkable to see such powerful audio hardware packed into such a small device. Furthermore, this speaker is beautifully designed.

Future upgrades

With an upgrade to the latest version of Bluetooth, it would be possible for more than two Sound-vessels together. We would love to see that in version two.


– IndieGoGo: Until August 10th

– Pledge: $188 USD

– Delivery: October 2018

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