Tao Chair: Turn Your Chair Into A Home Gym

Tao Chair: Turn Your Chair Into A Home Gym

Not everyone has time to go to the gym. Today’s demanding lifestyles can hinder one’s priorities.

So, why not workout while sending emails at the office?

Tao Chair front view CES 2015

Exercise At Work

The Tao Chair is the perfect solution for people who need to stay fit but don’t have any room left in their busy schedule. Creative chief officer Viktor Kalvachev highlighted that the smart device isn’t meant to replace a treadmill or strength training but it can supplement those days when you’re forced to work late, which can contribute to unnecessary weight gain.

Various placements, holds and pressure points allow users to workout their core, arms and back. The gadget works by forcing your muscles to tense up for set periods of time. Following the smart trend, the discreet gym connects to one’s mobile phone for monitoring and coaching.

Tao Chair monitor

Designed To Blend In Your Living Room

At first glance, you wouldn’t associate the Tao Chair with grueling exercise. That’s because its design is sleek, modern and sophisticated. In fact, it looks great in a living room! Sitting has always been tagged with poor health. But now, as long as you’re using this device, you might actually be able to counter the ill effects of slouching and prolonged sitting.

When it comes to aesthetics, the arm rests were purposely made to not only look curvy and smooth, but also to provide an efficient angle for maximum tension. Technically you could use this device while lounging around the TV, or behind a desk.

Tao Chair being used in live setting

Stay Productive 24/7

Productivity is a growing concern for many people these days, and it’s also why you need this product. Combined with other smart, portable gyms the innovative device can easily help you shed weight and stay active.

There’s no better way to put it, the Tao Chair is the multitasker’s dream.

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