Can’t get your kids off Fortnite? You need to try TechDen™

Managing screen time is perhaps the single greatest challenge for 21st-century parents. If you are trying to tear your kids away from games and social media, this new device may prove very helpful.

Can’t get your kids off Fortnite? You need to try TechDen™
  • How much screen time is okay for kids? No more than two hours a day (according to the US Department of Health).
  • Should I be worried about gaming addiction? Probably not. You should only be concerned if your child becomes obsessed.
  • What is the best way to set screen time rules? TechDen lets you set a tschedule for each child and lock devices out of sight.

In comparison to any previous generation, kids today spend a lot of time looking at screens. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — gaming and social media can offer some great experiences. But much like cake, the digital world is best consumed in moderation.

As a parent, trying to strike this balance can be really hard. Just tearing your child away from Fortnite is a battle. Thankfully, technology has a simple answer.

TechDen is a system that allows parents to take total control over screen time. It keeps devices out of reach during mealtimes, and allows you to set custom screen time rules from your phone.

How do you set screen time rules as a parent?

Many of us would like to set firm screen time rules. But physically removing a device from your child can cause tears and tantrums. TechDen helps you set clear boundaries and encourage good behavior, without the need to play bad cop.

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On the hardware side, The Den™ is a secure container for storing connected devices. It works on the principle of “out of sight, out of mind.” Without being able to see or hear their beloved phone, your kids won’t have such strong cravings.

[tweet_box]If you’re trying to tear your kids away from Fortnite, this new screen time manager may prove very helpful.[/tweet_box]

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Meet TechDen

On the digital side, the TechDen app lets you set custom parental controls from anywhere in the world. It also gives kids a heads-up when their time is about to expire. As a result, you won’t be the one to blame if they get cut off halfway through a multiplayer match.

Remote parental controls

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Family time

The genius of TechDen is that it works whether you’re at home with the kids or miles away.

The app lets you set up a schedule for the whole week for each child. You can also set goals and offer rewards for good behavior. This encourages your kids to play nicely and put their devices away when the curfew kicks in.

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Remote parental controls

The Den adds another layer of control. The container can be locked and unlocked remotely. This means you can check on homework progress before allowing play time.

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Put away the gadgets

Furthermore, The Den doubles as a charging station for iOS and Android devices. As a result, your kids should have a full battery to play with when screen time is allowed.

“TechDen introduces a new way to help kids develop healthy screen habits. It’s the first ever product that combines an app to manage your kids’ screen time with a physical home and charging station that stores their devices.” — TechDen on Kickstarter

The highlights

In the digital age, parenting is hard. This system offers remote parental controls that allow you to set healthy boundaries, even when you’re not present.

Constructive critique

TechDen only works on phones and tablets at present. We’d love to see the technology extended to consoles in future.


– Kickstarter: Until September 21st

– Pledge: $119 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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