Tesla Model X: The SUV of the Future

Tesla Model X: The SUV of the Future

So if you’ve heard of Tesla and thought that the Model S is pretty cool but you already have a nice sedan and you don’t need another one, you might have felt a little bad. Tesla Motors has been in the news on a regular basis for predominantly good reasons but offering only one product doesn’t do a whole lot for tackling the mass market. However, as crossovers become all the rage, Elon Musk uses that big brain of his to decide to make a crossover/SUV vehicle to hopefully take over the luxury crossover segment. The result is the Tesla Model X and it’s basically just a taller version of the Model S…but what it does that mean?



The Model X looks quite different from the Model S. Sure, there are some similarities in the shape of the headlights and taillights as well as the same rims. It certainly is a Tesla Motors product. However, the front grill has been omitted completely; to be fair, it shouldn’t have been included on the Model S as it’s purely cosmetic. Electric cars don’t need air intakes of any kind so the absence of the grill gives the Model X a properly futuristic look.

Besides that, you can instantly tell the Model X is a SUV. Honestly, based on the profile and ride height, you would think it was a minivan. Thankfully, there are no sliding doors here from the 90s but rather two Falcon doors. They offer similar seat access as a normal sliding door but it also looks much cooler than any minivan ever.


What It Does

The Model X is an electric SUV so that means you go through the same setup process as a Model S where you need to get an outlet installed at your house so it can charge. This means no more stops at a gas station, especially if you have a consistent work commute. I fill up my car once a week and I wish I could save that time; it’s one of the perks of owning a Tesla Motors product as other companies aren’t offering in home charging solutions. I’m sure you could buy one but Tesla makes it easy for you, the customer.

The spectacular part of the Model X is the performance. The Model S does 0-60mph in under 6 seconds and that’s just on the base model. The Model X is wider, taller, and heavier and it will be able match that speed. The performance edition of the Model X will do it in under 5. If you want the future, a crazy fast future with more room, the Model X is for you.

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