Welcome to the future of transportation

While self-driving cars will certainly play a role in the future of transportation, smaller vehicles look set to make their mark.

Welcome to the future of transportation
  • Are hoverboards real? Yeah, sort of. The Hendo Hoverboard and the ArcaBoard are the best we’ve seen so far.
  • Do jetpacks really exist? Absolutely! Keep reading for a look at the newest example.
  • Will flying cars ever become reality? Yes, and soon. Read our recent blog for the full lowdown.

From flying cars to hoverboards, movies have long tried to predict the future of transportation. In some cases, the script writers were bang on the money — self-driving vehicles are with us already, for instance. But many other ideas, such as Marty McFly’s hoverboard, are still only pipe dreams.

So what will the future of transportation actually look like? Here are a few personal vehicles that might offer a glimpse.

Zapata Ezfly Jet-Powered Segway

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Zapata Ezfly

The new Zapata Ezfly is a Segway for the sky, powered by turbine engines. You can hit 80 mph on this thing, steering with your bodyweight. The vehicle is still in testing at present, and the military will probably have first dibs on the final product. But even so, this flying machine offers a good idea of what’s possible. (Price: TBA)

Malloy Hoverbike

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Malloy Hoverbike

It looks like a giant drone, but the Malloy Hoverbike is designed to transport a rider. With a top speed of 60 mph and a flight ceiling of 10,000 feet, this bike means business. Furthermore, the Hoverbike can be operated autonomously as a flying transporter — useful for bringing home the groceries. It’s not available to buy yet, but potential purchasers can express an interest in the beta version. (Price: TBA)

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Delfast Ultra Long-Range eBike

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Delfast eBike

While flying machines are great for short journeys, the Delfast eBike offers a range of 236 miles on the ground. It can reach 34 mph on battery power alone, and you can add pedal power to go faster and further. In addition, this remarkable bike has GPS tracking, remote starting, motor blocking, and even an alarm. (Price: $4999 USD, pre-order)

JB-11 Jetpack

future of transportation 05

JB-11 jetpack

If an eBike is the most practical vision of the future, perhaps a jetpack is the most exciting. The JB-11 from Jetpack Aviation has six turbojet engines, providing enough thrust to send you zooming along at 150 mph. Just as importantly, this suit has auto-stabilization for better control. There’s no word on pricing yet, although the last version went for $250,000. Looking forward, Jetpack Aviation is working on an electric jetpack. (Price: TBA)

Segway One S1 Self-Balancing Monowheel

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Segway One S1 monowheel

If the adults are flying to work, how will kids of the future get around? Perhaps they will mess about on a monowheel such as the Segway One S1. This self-balancing unicycle lets you glide around the streets at 12.5 mph, with a range of 15 miles. You control speed and direction by leaning, and some early adopters manage to pull stunts on this one-wheeler. (Price: $499 USD)

The future of transportation

It’s never easy to predict the future — even the most brilliant minds are often made to look foolish in retrospect. But if the future of transportation looks anything like these amazing vehicles, we can’t wait!

What kind of vehicles do you think we will see in future? Share your ideas in the comments!

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