The Novipen self-cleans & transforms from mini to full length

Do you find communal pens and touchscreens a little gross? Then check out the Novipen. This transformable EDC gadget works as both a stylus and pen.

The Novipen self-cleans & transforms from mini to full length
Novipen can hook on a backpack

Avoid ATM and point-of-sale touchscreens once and for all with the Novipen. This transformable EDC pen and stylus hangs anywhere, so it’s always at your side. Even better, it self-cleans, so you never have to worry about disinfecting it.

Let’s face it: full-size writing pens are a pain. The ink never stays at the tip, and you need to carry them in some kind of bag

The Novipen is different. It collapses into a portable shape and hangs with the tip down, keeping the ink in the proper position. Meanwhile, it works as a full-length pen, stylus, and mini pen, helping you out in any writing situation. Let’s check out this cool new EDC gadget.

Go for a multiuse pen

Not all pens are created equal. A mini pen comes in handy when checking off items on a list, while a full-size pen is ideal for long, handwritten notes. And, of course, a stylus is always helpful at the grocery checkout or ATM.

Different pens serve different purposes, but wouldn’t it be great if one pen could transform into all of them? As luck would have it, the Novipen does.

Whether you need to sign documents, fill out a questionnaire, or write your signature on a receipt, this transformable EDC pen is there to help. It turns into a stylus, mini pen/stylus, and full-length pen. No matter what you need to write, this pen has your back.

Hang this portable pen and stylus anywhere

Typical pens and styluses aren’t that portable. Their shape requires long pockets where they quickly become misplaced or even damaged.

Meanwhile, lying down in a horizontal position makes the ink travel further away from the tip. When you try to write, no ink comes out.

But you won’t run into these issues with this EDC pen and stylus. It hangs anywhere, from your backpack loop to a necklace. This enables you to carry it any way you need.

Novipen product video

Refill this mini pen with common D1 refills

Who wants to waste time locating and ordering specialty ink? Luckily, this EDC pen and stylus uses common D1 refills you can buy anywhere.

So it’s the ideal pen for your on-the-go life, office work, and travel needs. And even when it runs out of ink, it still meshes well with your schedule because you can just pick up replacement ink at the grocery store.

Stand this transformable writing utensil on its own

Tired of pens rolling off your desk while you work? Well, you won’t have to put up with it anymore with the Novipen. This pen is self-standing!

Yes, to keep the pen/stylus on your desk or work table, its cap works as a stand, keeping it planted on your work surface, right where you need it.

Choose a self-cleaning pen

Do you disinfect your writing utensils every day? Barring any illnesses, this might be one hygiene area you overlook. But it’s actually not a problem if you own the Novipen.

It’s coated with a layer of titanium dioxide, a photocatalyst. So, when you go outside, the sunlight energizes TiO2 electrons, forming strong oxidizers. This destroys viruses, bacteria, and organic pollutants, turning them into harmless byproducts.

So you won’t have to worry about nasty germs on the surface of your pen. This pen deals with them itself.

Go for a long-lasting pen

Do you buy a pack or more of plastic pens per year? Stop wasting money and send plastic to landfills when you go for Novipen’s durable design.

It’s precision machined from solid brass, so its body has heft and feels balanced in your hand. Then, the brass oxidizes over time, lending a unique look to your EDC pen.

Check out the stylus/mini pen form

When you decide to use the stylus/mini pen form, you can use either the pen or the stylus when you flip the gadget over. And you can choose from 2 configurations: a capped mini pen or the stylus exposed.

The stylus exposed configuration makes flipping between pen and stylus use easy. It’s great for everyday work at your desk when you switch between paper and digital work.

The stylus covered configuration is ideal for moments when you want a mini-pen only, like when you’re keeping track of your golf score on a paper card. The cap keeps the stylus tip covered and protected.

Discover the full-length pen

While mini writing utensils are cute, they aren’t suitable for all writing tasks. Luckily, this EDC pen and stylus transforms into a full-size pen and stylus.

The full-size pen measures 5.12 inches when fully extended. It self stands, feels comfortable, and boasts a beveled texture, giving you a pleasant writing experience.

Learn more about the stylus form

So far, we’ve mentioned the stylus but haven’t touched on specifics, so let’s dive in. The stylus portion of this EDC gadget works on all touchscreens—ATMs, grocery store self-checkout machines, ticket dispensers, etc.

Then, the single-handed operation is nice. It lets you easily open the stylus while holding something else, be it an umbrella, your dog’s leash, or a toddler’s hand.

Best of all, it saves you from touching communal touchscreens, keeping you far from surfaces that thousands of others have touched before you.

See our final thoughts about Novipen

Looking for a great pen to add to your EDC collection? We highly recommend the Novipen. Not only does it transform into both a stylus and pen, but it’s also convenient to own thanks to its long-lasting design and easy-to-find ink refills.

Be prepared for any writing situation, avoid high-touch surfaces, and reduce your use of plastic pens with this high-quality EDC pen and stylus.

Preorder the Novipen for $28.25 on the official website. What do you love about the Novipen? Tell us in the comments.

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