These cool bike accessories help make your summer rides easier and safer than ever

Enjoy every moment of your summer bike rides with these cool bike accessories. Whether you want to turn your traditional bike into an eBike or ensure you always have the right tool for a mid-ride tune-up, we have some great products to recommend. Check out this blog post for accessories that will keep you cycling all season long.

These cool bike accessories help make your summer rides easier and safer than ever
Hiplok ANKR and a bike

If you’re an avid cyclist, summer means more outdoor rides. And to get ready for them, you’re going to want to give your bike a little spruce up. But we’re not talking about just pumping more air into your tires—although that is important. No, today we’re rounding up seriously cool bike accessories that can help make your adventures more convenient and, most importantly, safer.

You probably already own a high-end bike and helmet. And maybe you’ve got a luxury water bottle. But what about a GPS smart bike lock that tracks your bike’s location in 100 countries? Or a helmet that lets you operate music, navigation, and calls hands-free? With the bike accessories below, you’ll take your bike rides to a whole new level of enjoyment. Let’s check them out.

1. Track your bicycle’s location in more than 100 countries with the LINKA LEO GPS smart bike lock. This sleek lock always keeps tabs on your bike.

LINKA LEO GPS smart bike lock
LINKA LEO on a bike

Monitor your bike’s movements around the world with the LINKA LEO GPS smart bike lock. It’s designed to work in any country you ship it to. It even provides tamper alerts and a 90-decibel anti-theft alarm. What’s more, the keyless access makes it easier just to get up and go.

Get your GPS smart bike lock for $269.

2. Add an extra 62 miles of range to your eBike with the VanMoof PowerBank for eBikes. That way, you’ll never run out of batteries.

VanMoof PowerBank in a video

Extend your eBike ride with the VanMoof PowerBank for eBikes. In economy mode, it can provide an additional 62 miles of range. Even on full power mode, this cool bike accessory still takes you up to 28 more miles.

Order your eBike powerbank for $348.

3. Tighten bike fasteners on the fly with the Path Wrench 6-in-1 bike multitool. This handy tool helps you keep your adventure going.

These cool bike accessories help make your summer rides easier and safer than ever Path Wrench 6-in-1 bike multitool
Path Wrench close up

The Path Wrench 6-in-1 multitool makes quick repairs to your bike while you’re on the trail. It comes with the four most common bits for adjustment and tightening. And dual straps allow you to attach it right to your water bottle cage. Finally, the sleek, simple design allows this cool bike accessory to rest comfortably in your hands.

Preorder this 6-in-1 bike multitool for $20.

4. Sync your indoor and outdoor riding and accurately track trips with the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus GPS bike computer.

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus video

The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus GPS bike computer monitors both your indoor and outdoor rides. What’s more, it even suggests improvements for your workouts based on how you’re training. And, no matter how far you ride, this cool bike accessory will show you the way back to your starting location.

Order it for $499.99.

5. Play music, hear GPS navigations, protect your head, and achieve more with the Sena R1 EVO high-tech cycling helmet.

The Sena R1 EVO high-tech cycling helmet doesn’t just protect your head. It comes with speakers that play your music aloud. And the voice command features help you manage music, hear GPS navigations, and answer calls hands-free.

Order yours for $159.

6. Access your smartphone while you ride with the ArcX smart sports ring. This wearable joystick for your phone lets you stay in touch while you’re on the road.

The ArcX smart sports ring keeps you safe while you ride but connected to your phone. Its mini joystick helps you answer calls, change tracks or handle notifications. What’s more, this cool bike accessory connects with other Bluetooth-controlled devices like cameras or wireless speakers.

Preorder your smart sports ring for €39.

7. Turn your regular bike into an electric one with the CLIP portable eBike upgrade. It helps you arrive fresh at work or client meetings.

Commuting by bike is healthy, but who wants to show up at work all sweaty and out of breath? The CLIP portable eBike upgrade can help. It clips easily to your bicycle’s front fort and provides a 450-watt motor for an extra boost.

Preorder yours for $50 down.

8. Make yourself visible to other drivers with THE BEAM WHEEL FLASH 2.0 high-vis bike reflectors. These high visibility reflectors shine in all 360 degrees.

THE BEAM WHEEL FLASH 2.0 high-vis bike reflectors are pretty useful yet cool bike accessories. They boast a gorgeous design and are made of glass powder pigment. This ensures full visibility and helps others see you from about 500 feet away.

Order your high-vis bike reflectors for €20.99.

9. Transport your essentials in style with the Brooks England Scape bike bag collection. These bags fit your storage needs and have reflective details to enhance your visibility at night.

If you bike frequently, you need a way to carry other things with you. And the Brooks England Scape bike bag collection helps with that. The collection includes 10 different bags, including a sleek Handlebar Pouch, a large Handlebar Compact Bag, and many others. These waterproof bags are ideal for both long- and short-term rides.

Bags from the Scape collection start at $50.

10. Secure your bike anywhere with the Hiplok ANKR maximum security bicycle anchor. It keeps your bike safe when you don’t have a place to lock it up.

You can even lock your bicycle to the ground with the Hiplok ANKR maximum security bicycle anchor. It works with four secure wall fixings and is suitable for both chain style and D-shaped locks. Its easy-to-use design works on masonry, concrete, or wood.

Get yours for £69.99.

We hope you love the innovative bike accessories on this list. As you can see, with the right gear, you can keep your bike rides both safe and convenient. Are you ready to hit the trail this season? Let us know about your favorite bicycle gear in the comments.

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