This ozone gadget can lower your energy bills and reduce laundry waste

Tired of doing loads of laundry each week to tackle smells on clothing and more? Well, with Nutroz, you can eliminate the hassle and clean sustainably.

This ozone gadget can lower your energy bills and reduce laundry waste
Nutroz with everyday items

Save money and resources by cleaning clothes and other items in the Nutroz enclosed ozone device. This ozone gadget is a handy oversized box that refreshes household items with ozone.

From sports equipment to stuffed animals, the items you and your family use daily require care. That translates to putting them in the washing machine.

But the typical laundry process takes time, money, and energy—things everyone wants to conserve. That’s where the Nutroz can help. This cool gadget deodorizes everyday items without soap or water. Let’s check it out.

How does Nutroz work?

Refreshing clothing and other items with ozone sounds pretty cool, but how does it actually work? According to the brand, its product kills smell-causing bacteria using oxidation.

Let’s backtrack a minute. Ozone is a gas that forms naturally when two atoms in oxygen absorb energy and break into single-oxygen atoms. These atoms then combine with other oxygen atoms, forming groups of three oxygen atoms, or ozone.

Essentially, Nutroz creates ozone in its chamber during an oxidation cycle. During the cycle, the gadget neutralizes smoke, sweat, and food smells from any item.

Once a cycle is finished, the ozone turns back into oxygen, and you have a box full of refreshed, odorless items. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

How do you use this enclosed ozone device?

While it may seem complicated, this ozone gadget is simple to use. To start, you simply place items inside the box and close the lid, pressing the lock button firmly.

Next, you press start to begin the oxidation cycle. In just 60 minutes, you’ll be greeted by items that smell as fresh as the day you bought them.

Nutroz enclosed ozone device
Nutroz interior

Is this laundry gadget sustainable?

You bet it is. Because ozone zaps odor-causing bacteria on items, you don’t have to add detergents, softeners, or dryer sheets.

The brand notes that, while typical washing machines can use up to 19 gallons of water during a single cycle, its gadget uses none. So you save on the cost of water while adding no additional microfibers to the environment from rinsing.

Meanwhile, Nutroz also saves energy. A single oxidation cycle uses just 25 watts of energy, while a typical washing machine session can use as much as 500 watts.

Overall, this ozone device greatly minimizes the resources you need to keep items fresh and clean, so it definitely complies with a sustainable lifestyle.

Nutroz in a video

Can this deodorizing gadget save time?

We mentioned above that an oxidation cycle lasts 60 minutes. While that’s a little over the length of the typical washing machine cycle, bear in mind that, once a session is over, your items are ready to use.

That’s right, with Nutroz, you won’t have to put your refreshed clothing in the dryer or stuff shoes with paper towels and wait for them to dry overnight.

Everything is ready the moment the cycle ends. This is particularly useful for families with kids who play sports because you can have that soccer gear deodorized and ready to wear in just an hour.

What materials does this gadget use?

This ozone gadget features high-quality materials like a polycarbonate base and lid. It’s lead- and phthalate-free, so you know it’s safe for your items.

What’s more, the gadget’s modern design blends into your home’s decor. So, whether you set it on your kitchen island, in the laundry room, or that area beneath your stairs, Nutroz will look great in your home.

The gadget is also lightweight, making it easy to carry from room to room and store in different locations throughout the house.

What items can you place in this sustainable laundry solution?

You use a range of products every day and, luckily, this ozone gadget can make most of them smell better. Here are some brand-suggested uses.

Kids’ items

Kids’ toys always need a refresher. Luckily, Nutroz can handle stuffed animals, bibs, diaper bags, dolls, action figures, etc.

Household items

Your home is probably full of linens. Thankfully, this device is suitable for curtains, sheets, blankets, pillows, clothing, slipcovers, and so much more.

Sports items

Sports equipment can become quite smelly. Use Nutroz to clean jerseys, ski and snowboard boots, footwear, helmets, protective gear, and more.

Pet items

If you’re a pet parent, you’re always cleaning your furbaby’s accessories. But you can reduce the time commitment by putting leashes, collars, beds, toys, and other accessories in Nutroz.

What items can’t you place in Nutroz?

While this ozone gadget suits a range of items, there are some that you shouldn’t clean in the device. Specifically, the brand cautions against wet or damp objects as they may interfere with the gadget’s effectiveness.

Other things to avoid include food, living things (pets, animals, plants), materials with solvents, medical devices, latex, and items exposed to solvents. There are others, but you should visit the official website for detailed information.

Save money, time, and energy when you add Nutroz to your cleaning routine. This gadget eliminates odor-causing bacteria on everyday items without water or soap, and it uses only a tiny amount of energy.

All in all, it just makes sense to clean items this way. Maintain your stuff in a better way with this ozone device.

Nutroz enclosed ozone device costs $450 on the official website. What sustainable home gadgets do you use and love? Let us know about them in the comments.

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