This reverse osmosis water filter system won’t overcrowd your counter

Want a high-quality water system but dread dealing with leaks and hoses? Check out the RKIN U1. It provides reverse osmosis water with zero installation.

This reverse osmosis water filter system won’t overcrowd your counter
RKIN U1 looks great in a kitchen

Enjoy healthier, tastier water with the RKIN U1 reverse osmosis water filter. This sleek gadget purifies water using hydrogen, UV, and reverse osmosis, resulting in delicious H2O. Even better, its zero-installation process eliminates hassles.

Concerned about your home’s drinking water? Whether your tap water has a strong taste of chlorine or you suspect it might contain chemical residues, it’s worth adding a high-quality water filtration system, like the RKIN U1, to your kitchen. The modern design looks great, and even saves space

Are you intrigued? So are we. Let’s take a closer look.

Get 5 stages of water filtration

If you want the best water quality in your home, you may have to go beyond filtering pitchers in favor of something more robust, like this reverse osmosis water filter with its 5-stage system. Want to know how each of those 5 stages cleans your water? Here’s the breakdown.

Stage 1: sediment filter

The sediment filter removes your drinking water’s sand, sediment, and rust. If you think your water may contain solids, this stage tackles them.

Stage 2: activated carbon filter

The activated carbon filter works to remove chemical residues and carcinogens like THMs, VOCs, and pesticides. It also takes out bad smells and funky tastes.

Stage 3: reverse osmosis membrane filter

This step purifies your water by pushing it through a semipermeable membrane. The contaminants are virtually eliminated, leaving you with pure, drinkable water.

Stage 4: Alkaline post filter

Since the reverse osmosis stage is so thorough, it removes beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium. This stage puts them back in, resulting in tastier water.

Stage 5: hydrogen infusion

Want to drink antioxidant hydrogen-enriched water? This stage adds it, but you can turn it on or off as you wish.

Go for an easy-to-use water filter

So how do you use the RKIN U1? We’re happy to report that it’s pretty simple. Just fill the tank with water, place it on the appliance, and let the U1 start filtering. Once your water is filtered, choose cold or hot water, and enjoy a fresh, healthy beverage.

This simple operation doesn’t require installation, so you won’t have to bother with technician appointments to get it up and running. Even better, since it doesn’t use any hoses, you won’t have to worry about leaks.

Choose from hot or cold water

Wouldn’t it be nice if your water filter also dispensed hot water? That way, you could enjoy filtered tea or instant coffee in just seconds, without waiting for a kettle.

Luckily, the RKIN U1 has an instant hot water option ideal for all your favorite hot beverages, including hot chocolate and baby formula. It’s a feature that benefits every family member, letting everyone enjoy warm drinks in an instant.

Meanwhile, you can also customize the default water temperature to suit your tastes. So the machine will always dispense cold or room temperature water, depending on your preferences.

Check out the intelligent touch control panel

Get your water stats at a glance with this reverse osmosis water filter’s intelligent touch control panel. It shows the water’s quality readings and lets you know that the system is operating correctly.

From this touch panel, you can also dispense measured fluid ounces of water: 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, and 16. It’s an incredibly useful feature for precise cooking.

Save counter space with this sleek water filter

Have you avoided buying a water filtration system due to a lack of space? It’s a logical concern, especially if you have a small kitchen or live in a studio apartment, condo, or RV.

But the RKIN U1 isn’t your typical countertop water filter. Nope, compared to most countertop water filters, the U1 has a narrower design. That way, it sits comfortably next to your sink and leaves room for a coffee maker.

Reduce plastic bottle waste

If your local water is poor in quality, it’s tempting to buy bottled water from the grocery store. But, at the end of the day, this adds even more plastics and chemicals to the environment and drinking water, compounding the problem.

A better alternative is a reverse osmosis water filter like the RKIN U1. It improves the water that already comes to your home, helping you avoid plastic bottles.

Enjoy a 1-year warranty

If you preorder the KIN U1 and aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can return it up to a year after you bought it. It’s a pretty generous return policy, but the creators stand by their product and are confident in its quality.

Get this compact water filter

Water quality has become a significant concern throughout the world. With reports of toxic chemicals and microplastics in drinking water across the United States, everyone wants to ensure their water at home is safe.

A water filtration system like the RKIN U1 puts these fears to rest. With its effective 5-stage filtration system, this home gadget creates healthier, tastier water. Even better, it requires no installation, so you won’t have to deal with leaks and a complex setup.

Add it to your kitchen for water you’ll love to drink.

Preorder the RKIN U1 for $459 on Kickstarter. Are you thinking about adding a water filter to your home or office? Let us know what you’re looking for.

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