Top 4 highlights from HONOR X VivaTech 2024

Check out the Top 4 highlights from HONOR X VivaTech 2024. We're highlighting the tech giant's use of Google AI in its devices and much more!

Top 4 highlights from HONOR X VivaTech 2024
HONOR’s presentation at VivaTech 2024

At VivaTech 2024 in Paris this week, HONOR announced it will bring Google’s artificial intelligence features to its upcoming devices, becoming one of the world’s first device makers to do so. Want to learn more about HONOR x VivaTech 2024? Then today’s blog is for you.

Below, you’ll find the latest updates about HONOR tech, including details about the upcoming 200 series, Google AI features, and privacy innovations. Keep reading to uncover all the exciting insights!

HONOR 200 series

HONOR, announced at VivaTech that its 200 series is poised to redefine portrait photography. Blending the expertise of Harcourt Studio and AI, HONOR replicates the French studio’s legendary lighting and shadow effects at every step.

Through AI, the HONOR 200 series learns from a vast array of Harcourt Studio pictures. It carefully divides the process of taking a portrait into 9 steps. Copying the entire Studio Harcourt method, the HONOR 200 series offers high-quality portraits whenever you need to capture a moment.

HONOR announced that it will release the HONOR 200 and HONOR 200 Pro in China on May 27th and Paris on June 12th. HONOR explores different camera module designs for its smartphones. The HONOR 200 series’ design features an oval-shaped housing, closely resembling last year’s HONOR 100 Pro. The top of the phone’s back panel has a glossy, mirror-like finish.

Also, it comes in Black, Pink, White, and Blue. The design has a shiny surface that smoothly changes into wavy lines, giving it a more intricate appearance.

Both devices look the same from the back. But on the front, the HONOR 200 has one selfie camera in a small hole. The HONOR 200 Pro has a longer hole, with 2 cameras, suggesting it’s more focused on selfies. Overall, the design of both HONOR 200 phones is simple but stylish.

HONOR aims to make AI available to more people by introducing MagicOS 8.0 to its HONOR Magic V2 and HONOR 90 devices. This move allows more users to enjoy the benefits of AI technology. By the way, you can get HONOR 90 with a 10% discount!

HONOR 200 Series phone in a color option

1. HONOR’S 4-layer AI setup for on-device AI

At the keynote, HONOR revealed its 4-layer AI setup and showed its commitment to integrating AI into MagicOS.

Each layer serves a distinct purpose:

  1. Cross-device and Cross-OS AI: This layer establishes an open ecosystem, allowing devices and operating systems to share computing power and services.
  2. Platform-level AI: Here, a personalized operating system enables interaction based on intent and allocates resources based on personal preferences.
  3. App-level AI: This layer introduces creative AI applications, transforming user experiences.
  4. Interface to Cloud-AI services: Users get access to secure cloud services.

Alongside introducing the 4-Layer AI setup, HONOR is preparing to integrate cutting-edge Generative AI experiences into its upcoming smartphones. Powered by Google AI, this advancement aims to deliver a new level of intelligence and innovation to users while ensuring privacy protection.

In the dynamic field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google shines with its inventive Generative AI solutions. What sets Google apart from its rivals is its dedication to privacy, user choice, accuracy, responsible outcomes, security, ease of use, and legal safeguards. This means HONOR users can expect more personalized smartphone interactions while their privacy remains safeguarded.

2. AI-powered smart features

HONOR’s MagicOS 8.0, featured in the HONOR Magic V2 Series, is boosted by platform-level AI to improve your device’s understanding of user intentions and enhance user experiences. The Magic Portal on MagicOS 8.0 is an innovative feature that uses the smartphone’s grasp of user intent to simplify interactions.

Effortlessly switch between apps and devices with a quick swipe through an intent-based shortcut recommendation. Makes accessing services smoother and more intuitive.

Additionally, you can interact with a curated selection of apps by dragging content to the screen’s edge. Magic Portal, available on HONOR Magic V2 Series smartphones, supports 100 popular apps like LINE, WhatsApp, Google Workplace tools, Instagram, and Facebook.

George Zhao, HONOR’s CEO, emphasizes that the Magic Portal design prioritizes user control in service selection and decision-making, showcasing HONOR’s human-centric approach to AI.

MagicOS 8.0 enhances convenience by offering a platform-level personal assistant that scans app content to summarize events, meetings, notes, and interactions in “My Day” for a clear overview.

3. People-first customization

During the event, HONOR organized a panel discussion led by industry expert Dr. Justine Cassell. The talk explored the future of multimodal interaction, emphasizing its benefits in terms of convenience and privacy.

The new operating system makes starting and closing apps, as well as switching between them, feel smoother and less disruptive.

With MagicOS 8.0, the HONOR Magic V2 Series introduces Magic Capsule, which expands banner notifications on both screens for easier access to additional info.

Ultra Power Saving Mode in MagicOS 8.0 includes a new toggle to reduce battery usage and prolong battery life effectively.

Besides, MagicOS 8.0 enables users on HONOR Magic V2 to create custom shortcuts by long-pressing apps, adjust folder sizes and positions on the home screen, and manage stacking desktop cards easily.

Users can customize camera mode layouts in MagicOS 8.0, arranging frequently used modes upfront for a smoother shooting experience.

4. Privacy and security

With the HONOR Magic V2 Series, your personal data is securely processed right on your device.

MagicOS 8.0 introduces a new privacy feature called Blur Private Info under the Share menu. This lets you easily blur sensitive details like names, passwords, and contact numbers in images, keeping private information, well, private.

What to expect from HONOR?

HONOR revealed plans for future Gen-AI collaborations with Google Cloud, promising exciting enhancements for upcoming smartphones and seamless user experiences. A representative from the Chinese company informed CNBC that this would involve Google’s AI assistant Gemini, along with Imagen 2, a tool that generates images from text.

In addition, Magic Portal right now covers 100 leading apps in seven categories, including travel, productivity, and social media. Keep tabs on this as HONOR is set to broaden its reach, offering even smarter AI experiences across more scenarios soon.


If you want to enhance your smartphone game, HONOR’s security, speed, and AI features make HONOR Magic V2 a reasonable buy. Curious to learn more? Here’s our in-depth review of HONOR Magic V2.

Note: This blog was contributed by Grigor Baklajyan and edited by Lauren Wadowsky.

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