9 Useful gadgets to make you more productive at work

Many new tech products are made for playtime. But gadgets can also make you more productive at work. When it comes to getting things done faster and working smarter, here are the most useful gadgets around.

9 Useful gadgets to make you more productive at work
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In 2019, there are now thousands of useful gadgets that can help you get things done faster or smarter. Some focus on streamlining your workflow, allowing you to do the same work in less time. Others help you to focus on the task at hand and cut out unwanted distractions.

Even if you work on the road or live as a digital nomad, there are many useful gadgets for travelling productively. No matter what, how, and where you work, we have the tech that can help you be more productive. Here are the best products we have found this year so far:

Useful gadgets for your desk

For most of us, working means spending time at a desk. These products will help you create a more productive workspace:

TimeFlip Time-Tracking Device

Keeping track of your time is an important part of being productive. TimeFlip is a multi-sided device that lets you start and stop digital timers with a quick flip.

VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad Bluetooth Numpad

Spend half your life in Excel? This number pad will help you enter data more efficiently. Powered by USB-C, the VOAMOKO syncs wirelessly with your computer via Bluetooth.

useful gadgets 2019 - VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad Bluetooth Numpad

Entering data with the VOAMOKO Numpad

YubiKey Security Key NFC

Two-factor authentication is essential for security, but it can waste time. YubiKey is a tiny encrypted device that replaces SMS and OTP, meaning you can log in faster.

Envavo Heatbuff Personal Hand Warmer

When you need to type for work, cold hands can really slow you down. The Envavo Heatbuff solves this problem by projecting heat across the top of your keyboard using LED lights and infrared technology.

Useful gadgets for creatives

You may still work at a desk (sometimes), but as a creative, you have specific needs. These gadgets should improve your working day:

Moleskin Pen+ Ellipse Smart Pen

If you like taking notes or sketching out ideas on paper, get the Pen+ Ellipse. This ingenious writer captures every pen stroke in real-time and creates a digital version.

Loupedeck+ Versatile Photo Editing Console

For photographers and video editors, Loupedeck+ is a great time-saver. This dedicated controller is packed with sliders and knobs that sync natively with Lightroom and Skylum Aurora HDR.

Useful gadgets for travelling

Whether you’re hoping to embrace the full digital nomad lifestyle, or are simply working on the move, here are some useful gadgets for travelling:

Alcove Mobile Laptop Privacy Workstation

This innovative laptop case allows you to focus on work without worrying about privacy. It has sides that open out and stand upright, providing a visual shield to protect your screen.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Dual-Display Laptop Monitor

There are times when working on a 13-inch laptop screen can be a little restrictive. DUEX Pro is a 12.5-inch portable second screen that clips onto the side of your laptop for easier multi-tasking.

emit Minimalist Productivity Smartwatch

To help you prioritize and stay focused on the move, the emit smartwatch displays a countdown to important due dates or events. The companion app lets you sync countdowns with your to-do list.

Useful gadgets 2019

We love nothing more than finding a product that makes work less stressful and more rewarding. What useful gadgets do you keep on your desk?

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