VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL Can Be the Best Briefcase For a Modern Professional

VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL Can Be the Best Briefcase For a Modern Professional

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’d know how painful it is to not being able to carry your belongings in the way you prefer every time. Thanks to the variety in the new-world of travel accessories, there’s a bag for every occasion now. From backpacks to carry-ons, you just need to make the right choice depending on the trip you’re making. But I feel there’s a big loophole there! I mean you can’t expect to be comfortable with a briefcase all the time when you’re on a professional trip. There are moments when you get sick out of holding it with your hand and would wish to have it transformed into a backpack for a while.

VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL on Kickstarter

Again, imagine not having a carry-on at the airport and rushing through queues with a briefcase in hand. I can’t even imagine how pathetic an experience that could be. What if I said that such disasters can be avoided with one single bag in the near future? What if I said that the Briefpack Utility XL from VENQUE offers every modern traveler three ways of carrying their luggage from one single briefcase? Sounds like awesomeness, isn’t it? Well, to me, that represents the contemporary world of travel must haves for sure!

Quality Canadian Craftsmanship

Coming from a team who are obsessed with detailing and can be considered as masters in craftsmanship, VENQUE is a Kickstarter born company whose primary idea has always been in designing bags that look beautiful and are long-lasting as well. After their previous successful campaigns on Kickstarter, they have come back with a new smart utility briefcase which can be used in three different ways – A backpack, briefcase as well as a carry-on.

VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL

The VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL is a masterpiece in Canadian craftsmanship which can be considered as an ideal design for your busy lifestyle. The fact that it can be transformed into three different types of bags is what comes as an advantage here. So next time you’re tired of holding a briefcase, you can easily change it to a backpack and travel comfortably thereon.

VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL

Fits Most of Your Traveling Needs

The Briefpack Utility XL has been designed to fit most of your traveling needs starting from a 13″ to 17″ laptop, any sized iPad, electronics, books and all your cables. In short, everything a working professional might require during those short trips they make from time to time. The bag also meets all the size requirements for any flight in the world.

VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL review

There’s a luggage style compartment which can fit up to two days of traveling needs. But the best thing about getting one of these bags is the fact that they come with a 10 years protection. Quoting VENQUE from Kickstarter “If you have any problems with your bag in the next 10 years, we will replace one for you! No matter where you are on earth.”

VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL

Enjoy the Durability of Quanta Fabric

You’ll get the Briefpack Utility XL in grey or black colors with the specifications including a metal buckle, ultra strong wide zippers, patented quanta fabrics, top leather, reinforced stitching and secured straps. The division of compartments are as follows: 1 front luggage compartment, 1 back compartment for computers, 1 middle compartment for all accessories and 1 zip compartment for backpack straps.

VENQUE Briefpack Utility XL on Kickstarter review

The quanta fabric used is VENQUE’s specialty which is water repellent, dust repellent and strain resistant too. Overall, this is a versatile briefpack which doesn’t limit your style of carrying your luggage around. Instead, it’s one of those classy accessories that comes with a high durability and ensures you travel like a hero no matter where you go. Pre-Order one from Kickstarter at $199 and be a part of this fresh style in travel this June 2015. Happy Gadgeting!

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