Poly’s new videoconferencing monitor is a remote worker’s dream

Poly has released the Studio P21—an all-in-one monitor that's created specifically for video calls. It eliminates pixelation, lighting issues, low-quality audio, so you can engage in virtual team calls without any issues. Read today's blog to explore more.

Poly’s new videoconferencing monitor is a remote worker’s dream
Poly Studio 21 in use

If you work from home, whether that’s temporary or permanent, you likely have to engage in videoconferences. And while this is a great way to keep teams connected and increase productivity in the workplace, it can be frustrating when images are pixelated, speech is muffled, and several technical issues that come with sharing a screen, copying files, and more.

Fortunately, Poly’s latest gadget, Studio P21, is a videoconferencing monitor that can tackle the nightmares of virtual meetings. Featuring a high-definition camera, ambient lighting, wireless phone charger, and more, this is a remote worker’s dream.

video-conferencing monitor

Poly Studio P21 with a woman

Boasts a high-definition video camera

Poly Studio P21 isn’t just for videoconferencing. It’s also suitable for online teaching, catching up with family, and more. In fact, this videoconferencing monitor’s goal is to deliver high-quality calls. Its high-definition video camera and 21-inch display prevents any distortion when you’re on an online call. And the high-definition screen brightens colors so recipients appear clearer than before.

In addition, this videoconferencing monitor features ambient lighting on the left and right sides. This keeps your face well-illuminated on video calls that’s like a built-in beauty filter. Best of all, the ambient lighting automatically adjusts to your environment. Therefore, you can take calls near direct sunlight or in a dim surrounding.

video-conferencing monitor

Poly Studio P21 during a video call

Features wireless charging and USB connectivity

You can easily connect the Poly Studio P21 to a PC or Mac, making it a great addition to your current work setup. With USB connectivity, this is simple and easy to do. Perhaps the monitor’s best feature is its base that features wireless charging. This allows you to charge your Qi-enabled smartphone without any cords while keeping it in clear sight.

Has integrated stereo speakers and microphone

Designed with integrated stereo speakers, this videoconferencing monitor delivers amazing audio, so you’ll never miss an important message again. This is particularly useful when you’re a part of a group call where it’s difficult to chime in and ask the speaker to repeat something. And when it’s your turn to talk, the advanced microphone delivers your messages with clarity without having to shout.

This workspace display lets you remain connected with teams and clearly see on-screen files and messages with no pixelation. And communication is made easy, thanks to the stereo speakers and hi-fidelity microphone. And it’s easy set-up makes the Poly Studio P21 suitable for all users. Not to mention that its slim profile won’t overpower your home-working environment.

Get your hands on the Poly Studio P21 for $815 from the official website. Will you be purchasing this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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