Week in Review: Ferro Watches, Flapit Counter, SPIN Remote and More

Week in Review: Ferro Watches, Flapit Counter, SPIN Remote and More

Are you one of those gadget explorers who prefer to check all that’s been cooking on our platform over the week on one single day? We know the week keeps you busy and you often don’t get enough time to explore our daily updates and newsletters. But when you do get that time during the weekend, it becomes confusing because there’s a lot in store. The credit goes to our gradual growth as a product discovery platform due to which we now post 9-12 products on a daily basis with 1-2 blog reviews as additional perks. So, it’s quite natural for you to go clueless on choosing what you want to read and when.

That has led us towards this new roundup especially for visitors like you. We appreciate your interest on our platform and would thus like to showcase all the blog posts and the best products from the week under one roof. Have a look:

From the Gadget Blog

LG G Flex 2

LG has been upping their game ever since the G3 and the G Flex 2 is now a serious competitor. The screen being a bit smaller in size is now even better for the average consumer use.

LG G Flex 2: The Curved Smartphone Is All Grown Up and Ready to Go | Blog – The Gadget Flow

Tech Roundup: Best Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns of 2014

You might have already noticed our inclination towards crowdfunding products which has also holds a separate collection on our site. This blog post was a tribute to all those crowdfunding campaigns that have been doing wonders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2014. If you’re into crowdfunding as much like us, this might be a good start as a weekend read.

Tech Roundup: A Lookback on Some of the Most Grossing Kickstarter and Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2014 | Blog – The Gadget Flow

Hyundai Blue Link Smartwatch App

If you’re a Hyundai owner with a Blue Link system, this new update will surely make you want to buy an Android Wear smartwatch. How cool can it be like to start your car by simply speaking to your watch!

Hyundai Blue Link Smartwatch App Will Familiarise You With the Futuristic Vision of Starting Cars Using a Watch | Blog – The Gadget Flow

SPIN Remote

The SPIN remote can help you get rid of that pile of remote controls on your couch. It connects to your equipment through infrared, as well as your smart devices. So, be it your TV or music system or any remote-controlled device, now you need just one controller instead of a heap.

SPIN Remote: The Universal Twist Remote For Your Gadgets | Blog – The Gadget Flow

Mint Portable Breathalyzer

Mint works by measuring compounds in your mouth- just like dentists do with expensive equipment- to test your breath and determine hydration levels. Surprisingly, now there’s a smart way you can analyze whether you’re having a bad breath.

Mint Will Detect Your Bad Breath And Tell You To Hydrate | Blog – The Gadget Flow

Alpine Headphones

These diamond-shaped stylish headphones are designed to make you feel the music instead of just hearing it. They have a power-packed audio performance which might seem like experiencing a live music concert without attending one.

Alpine Headphones Amalgamate Superior Audio and Design in a Slick Form Factor | Blog – The Gadget Flow

Project Ara

What if there was a way to personalize a smartphone in order to keep it relevant year after year by just swapping in new parts? That’s what Google is trying to do with Project Ara with the latest version called Spiral 2.

Project Ara Reveals New Iteration Called Spiral 2 and It Is Looking Better Than Ever | Blog – The Gadget Flow

HereO Watch

They are colorful timepieces designed for the pre-teen generation. But they are primarily targeted for protecting your kids. Fitted within each watch is a GPS receiver, along with GSM and WiFi connectivity. This allows the watch to keep up a constant report of where its wearer is located.

HereO Is a Watch That Keeps a Comforting Eye on Your Kids | Blog – The Gadget Flow

Best Products of the Week

Naturally Cooling Ceramic Champagne Bucket

That not only keeps your drinks chilled but also holds a chalkboard surface on the outside in case you decide to gift it or convey a message to the person standing beside.

Naturally Cooling Ceramic Champagne Bucket | The Gadget Flow

Fitbit Aris Wi-Fi Smart Scale

This smart scale transfers your fitness data directly to Fitbit.com so that you get to analyze your fitness statistics in a better way. From body fat content to BMI records, you’ll now be able to track your body fitness from a scale.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale | The Gadget Flow

DYLN – The Bottle That Creates Alkaline Water On the Go

The best features of this bottle is that it’s portable, stylish, reusable, lightweight & increases the pH of water to create alkaline water.

DYLN – The Bottle That Creates Alkaline Water On the Go | The Gadget Flow

Walnut Mouse Pad

The buttery smooth surface makes it easy for you to glide your mouse. Most importantly, the mouse pad also holds a walnut wood tray to hold a pen.

Walnut Mouse Pad | The Gadget Flow

Food Ball by OPPO

Your pets often get frustrated when they don’t get to eat that last bit of food. This food ball comes a savior because it lets your pet forage for the last bit of food and acts as a fun pet toy.

Food Ball by OPPO | The Gadget Flow


A physical counter for all major social platforms. You can place it on the wall or have it near the billing counter of your shop, this is going to be a cool way to show the world your increasing follower base on social media.

Flapit | The Gadget Flow

Ferro Watches – A Watch Inspired By Sports Car Tachometer

A classic watch with a minimal and sophisticated design. If you’ve got an inclination towards fine cars and watches, this is an ideal choice you can make.

Ferro Watches – A Watch Inspired By Sports Car Tachometer | The Gadget Flow

Egloo – Candle Powered Heater

Realized in terracotta and produced in Italy, this is a candle powered heater for domestic use. A whole new way to make use of candles during the winter.

Egloo – Candle Powered Heater | The Gadget Flow

Snooze Alarm Dock for iPhone

Here, the rubber bar functions as a snooze button you simply need to tap in order to get rid of that annoying sound when you’re fast asleep. Who said alarm clocks were difficult to handle!

Snooze Alarm Dock for iPhone | The Gadget Flow

Pinć VR

An ultra-thin smartphone case for iOS & Android that converts into a wearable virtual reality experience. Now, that’s what we call a futuristic innovation.

Pinć VR | The Gadget FlowFlipBelt

FlipBelt allows you to pull it on like a pair of pants, place over or under clothes, and easily slide in your stuff through the four openings. A must-have to store your stuff during workouts or sports activities.

FlipBelt | The Gadget Flow

Revolution Golf Tee

A 2 part hybrid golf tee design. There is the tee top which houses a strong neodymium magnet in its bottom portion. Then you have the base, with a steel disc insert, that is used to hold the top.

Revolution Golf Tee | The Gadget Flow


Tree Log Bolster Pillow

They represent the sturdy, wooden looks of a tree log but in a more soft and cushioned form. Sleep amidst nature every night.

Tree Log Bolster Pillow | The Gadget Flow

Lyve Home

Lyve Home securely stores every photo and video you have; organizes them by date and displays them for you in a simple, beautiful timeline.

Lyve Home | The Gadget Flow

Wishing everyone a great weekend! Keep Gadgeting with us and stay tuned for the next weekly roundup.

Madhurima Nag is the Head of Content at Gadget Flow. She side-hustles as a parenting and STEM influencer and loves to voice her opinion on product marketing, innovation and gadgets (of course!) in general.
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