HereO Is a Watch That Keeps a Comforting Eye on Your Kids

HereO Is a Watch That Keeps a Comforting Eye on Your Kids

Kids: the most precious, innocent (occasionally) bundles of joy in your life, who you have to let out of your sight every day. Little wonder parenting is as scarily challenging as it is joyous. To ease the stress of parental responsibility, a new GPS watch from a startup named HereO is designed to keep track of your little darlings, wherever they may roam.

Unveiled at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, these colorful timepieces will undoubtedly appeal aesthetically to the pre-teens at which they are aimed. Aside from the eye-catching hues, the watches are endearingly chunky, and pragmatically water-resistant. But the primary audience for HereO is parents, whose offspring the watches are designed to protect.

Fitted within each watch is a GPS receiver, along with GSM and WiFi connectivity. This allows the watch to keep up a constant report of where its wearer is located. Parents can view the data, in real-time, via HereO’s app, which also allows the more grown-up members of the family to share their own location data with each other.


The app offers plenty of options for hands-on parenting, too. Safe Zones can be designated, and when family members drift outside of their confines, the app produces a notification. Meanwhile, the watch itself has a panic button which, when pushed, sends an alert to all family members who have the app installed, and the device can detect and warn of its own removal. The app even offers directions for locating any family member, and parents can view a log of their child’s previous movements.



HereO plans to start shipping in April, and pre-orders are already being accepted. At $179, these watches are undoubtedly expensive by kiddy standards, but the system is actually remarkably affordable considering the technology it requires. For any doting parent, it is surely a tempting proposition.

To find out more about the HereO watch, check out the official website.

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