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    Chalkboard Table Runner

    Give your dinner parties a personalized touch with this Chalkboard Table Runner. It comes with a chalkboard finish which will allow you to write personal messages on it. That includes anything like menus or drawing of individual designs or creative… Continue Reading


    The MacBook Wall Desk

    The wall desk is the perfect place to write emails, lyrics, look up recipes and charge your MacBook. The Wall desk is the perfect accessory for you and your MacBook. You can hang the desk in the perfect height and… Continue Reading


    Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler For Your Lawn

    The Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler will traverse your lawn based on the pattern you lay out for it. The hose will allow you to cover it from ground and keeps your greenery well hydrated as and when required. There are 3… Continue Reading


    Cove – The Smart Water Filter

    Most filters simply conceal various flavours and elements to create the appearance of freshness without actually cleansing your water of impurities, such as pharmaceuticals, harsh chemicals or heavy metals. Cove changes that. We’re changing the way you drink water —… Continue Reading


    Wallet Drone – World’s Smallest Quadcopter

    Tiny Quadcopter Docks and Charges INSIDE of a Wallet Sized Controller that Fits In Your Pocket! We have designed the smallest, most compact quadcopter and controller that will allow you to have fun and practice full flight mechanics everywhere you… Continue Reading


    Wallet Drone – World’s Smallest Quadcopter

    Tiny Quadcopter Docks and Charges INSIDE of a Wallet Sized Controller that Fits In Your Pocket! We have designed the smallest, most compact quadcopter and controller that will allow you to have fun and practice full flight mechanics everywhere you go! The Wallet Drone combines both ideas into one design: a compact controller that docks the World’s Smallest Quadcopter™ inside of its case and charges the drone without the need for wires or access to a USB port. With the Wallet Drone, you can enjoy full quadcopter flight anywhere you go: both indoors and outdoors-at the office, in the park, in your dorm and beyond!


    H8 – Wireless Headphones by BeoPlay With Active Noise Cancellation

    Take your on-the-go music experience to a whole new level with the BeoPlay H8. It’s a wireless design which has been endowed with Active Noise Cancellation features. So you’ll get to enjoy hands-free phone calls no matter where you go. The right ear has intuitive touch control features because of which you’ll be able to control your music or take phone calls with simple gestures. The headphones are able to deliver top-quality sound with the help of Bluetooth 4.0 having aptX codec technology. High-quality cow leather and anodized aluminium goes behind the making of the design which is simply gorgeous. Comfortable and super chic pair of headphones for the modern music lover.


    GoPro 360-Degree Camera

    GoPro has finally announced a 360-degree camera array for stereoscopic, spherical content capture. Announced at Google’s Developer Conference, this technology is going to be adapted for Google’s new VR technology platform named Jump. This 360-degree array will be available to a selected group of users at first which consists 16 cameras that can work together as one single unit. There will be features such as camera syncing, multi-camera control and extended battery life so that the biggest challenge of spherical content capture gets eliminated forever. It’s a whole new way to capture and share immersive content which will let you experience a particular scene like you do in reality. Get set to explore the world with 16 GoPros working at the same time! Photos by engadget


    Portable Laptop Desk by Plunk

    Use it as a primary desk or in combination with your home or work desks, the Portable Laptop Desk by Plunk will make work easy and comfortable. This kind of laptop desk is preferably designed for those who reside in small urban apartments that always run out of space. A number of skilled craftsman in Los Angeles have made this amazing design that comes as a breath of fresh air in the world of workspace product designs. If you’re looking for a laptop desk that won’t take up too much space but will make your work life easy at home or office, this is indeed a great option to go for.


    Aukey Stand 3D Clamp Mount Holder For iPad mini

    Accustomed to pick up your iPad when your computer is running and tackling a project? Aukey AK-3D presents a better solution for you. It has enough muscle and reach to position iPad above or beside your desktop or laptop. Flex the bar and tilt iPad in any direction to find your favorite viewing position. What could be better than one iPad as a secondary touchscreen hovering above the computer? Aukey AK-3D provides more ways to use iPad. Attach it to a table to create a mini workstation wherever you want. The sturdy clamp positions it upright so you can stand and jam with DJ and music apps, or launch a racing game and use it as a fixed steering wheel. It is also convenient to attach it to the bedside table to make it a floating movie screen. It is useful in so many ways, we can’t wait to see how it fits into your world. Aukey AK-3D is a sweet kitchen accessory, attaching to cabinets with a simple clamp.


    Woodies | Perfect Fitting Shirts with 3D Measuring

    A revolutionary approach to the way you buy shirts. We make custom shirts using advanced 3D measurements. Woodies started because small, medium and large don’t make sense like they used to. Getting the perfect shirt, made especially for you has never been easier and more accessible than now. We’re excited to be here on Kickstarter, where it all started. Your immense support and feedback has shaped Woodies into what we are today.


    Nuimo: Seamless Smart Home Interface

    Nuimo is a universal controller for the internet of things. Control your music, lights, locks and more. Nuimo is an intuitive and natural way to interact with your connected devices. Nuimo works with any bluetooth device or application including Sonos and Philips Hue. Nuimo is a freely programmable controller and wireless so you can take it anywhere. Using the nuimo you can control all of your devices through our simple and seamless physical controller.Unlike the touch screen, nuimo has a number of touch based inputs that feel familiar and suit your needs. It incorporates capacitive touch, gesture recognition and a 360 degree analog ring that gives you precise control over everything from the volume of your music to switching off your lights. These inputs are easily mappable to the devices and applications you care about most.