Quiet Mind Weighted Body Pillow review: sleep better and get comfy anywhere

Calm your mind and focus your thoughts with the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow. It's soft, huggable, and helps your body relax, naturally.

Quiet Mind Weighted Body Pillow review: sleep better and get comfy anywhere

I don’t know about you, but by the end of the day, I’m spent. So, I try to look for simple yet effective ways to calm myself. One relaxation product I looked at recently is Quiet Mind’s Original Weighted Pillow.

As a huggable pillow, Quiet Mind aims to relieve anxiety, stress, and a distracted mind. The pillow simulate the feeling of hugging another person, which can trigger a relaxed sensation.

Want to learn more about this weighted pillow? Keep reading for my review below!

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow in a YouTube video

Relax with a soft and cozy hug

There’s nothing quite like a hug. According to Healthline, hugs can reduce stress, protect from illness, and improve heart health—among a host of other benefits. And while my family loves a good cuddle-fest, they’re not always available for one when I am. So, a weighted pillow like Quiet Mind’s is ideal for me.

What makes this pillow so huggable? Its weight and cozy design trigger a process called Deep Pressure Stimulation, or DPS, when a person wraps their arms around it. DPS has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, helping people fall asleep faster.

I’ve tried a couple of weighted pillows, but this one is the most effective. The pillow is soft yet firm, and thanks to its robust weight, it feels similar to hugging a person.

Unlock the benefits of a huggable pillow

But the Quiet Mind Original Weighted pillow doesn’t just relieve stress and anxiety. It can improve sleep, relieve pain, reduce sensory overload, and improve attention.

As someone who finds it difficult to deal with sensory overload, I really appreciate this pillow. A tight hug is all that’s needed for me to relieve the anxiety I feel when I hear construction or noisy traffic outside my window.

I also appreciate the improved sleep. Having this weighted pillow next to me helps me relax and drift off faster. I wake up the next more refreshed and ready for whatever the day has in store for me.

Overall, the Original Weighted Pillow is a sensory treat! You can rely on it whenever you feel anxious, stressed, uncomfortable, or lonely.

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow
Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow in blue

Don’t stress about use–it’s easy

I don’t want to stress over how to use my weighted body pillow. And, thankfully, this Quiet Mind pillow has simple, flexible use. All I do is place it on my body, and hug it or cuddle it. The pressure given off by the pillow starts the DPS effect I mentioned earlier.

The DPS effect then causes the nervous system to switch from fight-or-flight mode to rest/digest mode. This makes users feel calmer and more focused, improving their mood while decreasing feelings of stress and overstimulation.

Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow close up

Choose relief that’s different from a weighted blanket

I’ve seen a lot of weighted blankets in my work as a reviewer. And while they’re great for warmth and coziness during the winter months, this weighted pillow is a bit more versatile.

For instance, it never causes a person to overheat because it sits either on top of or next to you—not around you. So you’ll never wake up drenched in sweat if the room is a little warmer than you thought. This also makes the pillow great for use in the summer.

Also, this pillow is easily portable. This means I can cuddle with it while I watch TV in the living room, keep it on my lap while I work, or squeeze it while I fall asleep. Plus, due to its compact size, I can take it with me on trips.

Relax—the pillow has washable, high-quality materials

I try to buy products of the highest quality my budget allows, and I’m sure you do, too. So, I was happy to see that this weighted body pillow uses eco-friendly recycled glass beads for weight. Their calming pressure enhances relaxation.

Then, the polyurethane foam for the inner cushioning allows the pillow to contour to the unique shape of my body. It gives that warm, cozy feeling.

Also, the polyester outer layer is super durable and easy to care for. As the mom of a busy family, this is incredibly important. Meanwhile, this layer is entirely machine washable! All I have to do is remove it from the pillow and throw it in the washing machine.

My final thoughts on the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

Let me just say, I’m thoroughly impressed with the Quiet Mind Original Weighted Pillow. As someone who’s constantly on the lookout for simple yet effective ways to unwind after a long day, I recommend it.

From its soft and cozy embrace to its ability to simulate the calming sensation of a hug, this pillow ticks all the boxes for me. It’s not just about relieving stress and anxiety, although it does that exceptionally well; it’s about improving sleep, reducing sensory overload, and enhancing overall well-being.

So if you’re like me, seeking a reliable companion to help you unwind and recharge, look no further than the Quiet Mind Original Weighted Pillow. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Want a weighted pillow from Quiet Mind? Get for $143.20. on the official website.

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